Me And Jack

by Danette Haworth


Joshua and is father was driving to there new house talking about Joshua's mom that passed away.


Joshua is the main charecter he is brave he was willing to catch a cyote. Josh will always make friends and do any thing with them. Jack is my next main charecter he is a dog realy strong because he survived a gun shot he likes to run away alot but hes a friend bye your side allthe time. Next charecter is Joshua's dad his dad is really protective he is also a great perant.


begining: one night Joshua and is dad were going to their new house they just moved into. After Joshua got every thang packed out he got jack because is dad had to work and Joshua would be home alone Jack turned out to be a good dog but a very hiper one.

middle: Joshua met some new friends Ray and Prater. Ray became Joshua's best friend but Prater wasent prater was the bully. After a while some people had some complaints their animals have been eaten every butty thought Jack did it because jack killed a bunny in front of the whole naybor hood.

End:Joshua started to figure out it wasent Jack it was a cyote