solar system

by aamina

How long would it take for a rocket ship to visit all the planets in our solar system?

It depends on how fast the rocket ship can go. Voyager 2 was launched in August 1977. It reached Jupiter in July 1979, 2 years later. It went past Saturn in August 1981 two years later. Then it reached Uranus in January 1986, and Neptune in August 1989. It took the Voyager 2 12 years to past the solar system.


Saturn is the third last planet in our solar system. It is known to be the second largest planet in our system. Thay call Satern a gas giant because it is made out of gases and is a giant ,compared to most of the other planets in our solar system.Saturn is 1.429 million KM away from the sun.


Saturn was the Romen god of agriclture.He was called Cronus by the Greeks. He was the son of Uranus and the father of Jupiter. Saturn overthrew his father and became king of all gods.

If we have live in our milky way, can there be life on others?


Who Spotted Saturn

Galileo Galilee was the first spot Saturn with a telescoppe in 1610. His first telescope was so bad that he could not see the planet's rings. So he thought that the rings were ether ears or two moons. A few years later he looked back into the telescope and the "moon" had disappeared this is because Saturn was on a different angle.