Technical Director/Manager

Life as a Technical Director or Manager!

Technical Director/Manager's daily life.

The technical director or manager's job isn't as easy as you think it is. You have to know a lot of things to be one! The job requires very serious educational requirements, such as reading comperhesions, active listening, writing, listening, mathematics, critical thinking, active learning, learning strategies, and monitoring. They have to schedele the studio use, editing facilities for producers and editing staff. Heavy lifting usually 10lbs. and carrying boxes around and have to work technical equipment are some of the working conditions. They are usually indoors most of the time. They have to watch and order jobs to technical control. They have irregualar times and travel time. The national average annual wage is $92,220. Texas' average annual wage is $50,410. The technical director's basic skills are taping, editing, engineering, and maintenance, to produce radio or television programs.