LV Technology

By: Sam Tkhorik


My iTrailer was me scootering. In my video I was explaining how I was facing the ramp in a match and how I beat the ramp. Also how I was the worlds best scooter rider and had a really good scooter.

Haiku Deck

In my Haiku Deck I wanted to be tattoo artist. I learned what salary I would get, also what I would be doing during the job. Also how I would have to be experienced to make the design on the skin, and where I would be in the tattoo shop.

Explain Everything

In Explain Everything we did a math problem witch we got to choose a math problem. I chose the first math problem. In my slide I talked about the problem and said how to solve it. Also how to figure out the answer.

Go Annimate

In Go Annimate I did two truths and one lie. I personally like how Go Annimate how we did the truths I didnt really like the lie. For one of my truths I explained that I had a dog. Also the second truth was I rode on a boat. The lie was that I had a diamond.

Career Locker

In Career Locker Mr. Noe explained to us on Career Locker to look up colleges. To look at how much it cost to participate in a college. What I would want to choose for a college is Madison WI. For Madison Wisconsin I could get a good job an get a good starting salary.

Typing Web

We do typing web every day to improve our skills in typing. It helps by working so you get the hang of the keys. The typing web helps me by getting used to the keys. Also by typing for 5 minutes so it helps me get used to typing without looking at the keyboard.