Let's Get K Ready!

Tips for Parents of Upcoming Kindergartners

Vol.1, No.6

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Story Telling- It's a Good Thing!

Do you have a little one who loves to talk? That is a GREAT skill! Kids need to learn to use words. Narrative skills are the ability to describe things and events, tell stories, know the order of events, and make predictions. Narrative skills impact all sorts of ways we communicate. Here are some examples:

• Re-telling events

• Telling others about ourselves

• Following and giving instructions

• Reporting

• Persuading

• Describing

Having strong narrative and comprehension skills will serve your child throughout school and life!

How can you help your child with narrative skills?

  • Allow children to talk about what they already know, and retell real life events. Sometimes we want to help our children tell stories, but it is important to give children time to come up with the words on their own.

  • Narrate your actions as you go about your day. At the grocery store, you could say, “Let's buy cake mix, frosting and eggs, and then we’ll go home to make yummy cupcakes.” Talk through the process of cooking, too.

  • Instead of quick yes/no questions, ask questions that encourage your child to describe things. Instead of, " Do you have your coat?" you could ask, “Where is your coat?”.

  • Practice sharing stories that your child has reread and is familiar with. Without the book, let your child retell the events of the story. You could also let them retell the story through the illustrations without reading the words. You could even act it out!

  • Allow your child to share their day. Ask him/her to share the sequence of events from the beginning of the day to the end of the day.

  • Allow children to express their feelings. Narrative skills are super important when building relationships and sharing emotion.


Integrate opportunities to share narratives throughout your day and keep it fun! Preschoolers need time to exercise their imaginations and build their interpersonal and communication skills.

Check out this site for some cute ways to get your kid telling stories!

Get Up and Go! Develop Gross Motor Skills!

It's SPRING! Thank goodness! Does anyone else feel like winter lasted forever ? I guess it was because COVID had us all locked down for so long. Now that it is warm and we can get outside with our kids, do it because it's fun and do it for the motor skills your preschooler needs to develop! When children play outdoors on the playground, swim at the pool, participate in sports, or ride a scooter around the cul-de-sac, they are building muscle and learning to use their bodies. A strong coordinated body brings confidence and also supports a strong mind. When children go to school, they will need to be able to spatially navigate their classroom, sit at a desk, carry their backpack, play on the playground, and get on and off the school bus. Well-developed gross motor skills will help your child manage kindergarten both physically, mentally, and academically. Make sure you and your child have opportunities to move your bodies everyday! Exercise is good medicine for all the things! Check out the video below for a cute read aloud about being active from our awesome CCPS Heath and PE Specialist, Henry Castelvecchi!

Catherine Tompkins

Family and Community Engagement Specialist

Get Up and Go
Engage Chesterfield Podcast-K Ready or Not? (Pre-COVID)

Jana Kline, principal of A. Smith ES, shares self-help skills kinders need. Kristen Hepburn, literacy specialist, talks about teachable moments that parents can sneak in daily. Leslie Lenhart, Gordon ES teacher, shares first-week expectations.

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