Caroline's English course

Every Tuesday 20.30 - 22.00

Come and practice your English

Course Objectives

  • to get used to listening to faster, more colloquial speech and different accents

  • to gain self-confidence in speaking

  • to practice pronouncing sounds and words clearly

  • to learn what to say in typical social situations

  • to extend vocabulary

  • to get better at using different tenses together

First lesson on Tuesday 30th September 2014

Calendar 2014 - monthly fee 50 euro

September: 30

October: 7, 14, 21, 28

November: 4, 11, 18, 25

December: 2, 10, 16

Total of 18 hours

There won't be any lessons between 22nd December and 6th January 2015.

so many things to talk about!

For our first lesson we will start by talking about our summer holidays. Feel free to bring any photos, videos or objects to help you talk about yours!

I stayed in Italy this summer. In July I hosted my own summer camp here in Vaprio with a small group of 6 children. Then I went to the mountains near Trento and I worked in a residential summer camp with over 120 children! It was exhausting but fun, even though the weather was awful. After that I worked as a tutor in Bordighera, Liguria, for three weeks. Finally, in september, I went to visit my parents in England. Amazingly it didn't rain! I had a lovely time with my family going to the market with my mum, cooking pasta for my brother and playing Scrabble with my dad. I collected some shells on the beach and it was very nice to walk in the woods with my mum and the dog.

I hope you had a relaxing and fun summer too!

So see you all on Tuesday!

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