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Daniel Mekhail

Austin is the capital city of Texas, and home to nearly one million residents. Daniel Mekhail is one such resident, and has lived in Austin for the majority of his life. A true country boy at heart, Daniel Mekhail will never abandon his Texan roots. He attended college in Austin, and plans to raise a family and retire in the city as well.

Daniel Mekhail: Encouraging Recovery and Community Involvement

Daniel Mekhail is an advocate for community involvement. Whether it involves volunteering time or working in an environment that helps others, Daniel Mekhail recommends that everyone do their part. Daniel Mekhail was able to contribute by spending time working for Austin Recovery. The center is a drug and alcohol facility that helps individuals and their families get the help that they need. Daniel Mekhail felt a sense of purpose when he worked for Austin Recovery.

Austin Recovery was founded in 1967 and has provided numerous individuals the help they need. Daniel Mekhail believes that Austin Recovery is one of the best treatment centers, not only in Texas, but in all of the United States. Austin Recovery offers a number of programs that aid with recovery, all of which Daniel Mekhail was involved with. The programs range from short-term to long-term, and employees like Daniel Mekhail are committed to seeing people succeed.

Daniel Mekhail feels that a degree in education helped him at Austin Recovery. He could better understand individuals and knew how to educate them on the process. It may not seem like what he went to school for, but Daniel Mekhail felt that he thrived at Austin Recovery. Daniel Mekhail has since moved on to different ventures, but will forever be touched by the people at Austin Recovery.

Getting out there and making a difference in people’s lives is important to Daniel Mekhail. He strongly encourages everyone take time and contribute in some small way. Working for Austin Recovery changed Daniel Mekhail’s life, and he knows the same will happen to you if you get involved.

The Road to a College Degree with Daniel Mekhail

Having a college degree is important in today’s economy. Daniel Mekhail is well aware of this fact and made sure to attend college for that, among many other reasons. Having a degree is something that sets you apart from the competition and provides a substantial advantage. Daniel Mekhail knows that if a decision came down to him and one other candidate who didn’t have a degree, he would likely get the job.

Daniel Mekhail is grateful for the opportunity to pursue his education. His goal was to finish by the time that he turned 25 and he met this goal with flying colors. Daniel Mekhail’s educational journey began shortly after finishing high school, and he graduated in 2011. Graduation was one of the best days of Daniel Mekhail’s life. He was able to earn a B.A. in Education which is no easy feat! Only those who are motivated and remain dedicated achieve such an accomplishment. Daniel Mekhail is one such person.

Daniel Mekhail graduated from the University of Texas in Austin. During his time at the institution, Daniel Mekhail enjoyed attending sporting events and cheering on the Texas Longhorns. Much of his time was spent pouring over his textbooks in the school library. Hard work, motivation and dedication are what led to Daniel Mekhail earning his college degree. The process might not have been easy, but was well worth it, according to Daniel Mekhail.

In the future, Daniel Mekhail hopes to pursue a career in education. Daniel Mekhail was able to secure a job with an educational company following graduation, but hopes for something different in the future.

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Dedication and hard work led to Daniel Mekhail achieving an impressive accomplishment. In 2011, Daniel Mekhail graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education. Daniel Mekhail was extremely proud to have finished his schooling by the time he was 25 years old. The future certainly looks bright for the scholastic future of Daniel Mekhail.