Damian Busskohl

Physical feature

Singapore is a island it is a very tropical place.
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the capital af Singapore

is Singapore

Geographic Boundries

(North) Malayisia

(East) Brunei

(south) Indonesia

(West) Maldives

Section of History

1)Only a line village called temasek existed on the islands prior its established as a thing port.

2)Singapores importance declined after the 14th Centery as Malassa.

3)Japan invaded Singapore during world war 2.

4)THe british were attrackted to Singapore Stratiegic location in deep water parts in the 19th centrys

People and Places

1) Many people speak 2 different languages in Singapore the language is called singlish.

2) 42.5% OF Singapore are all buddhist .

3)Singaporeans disscuss issues of religion freely and openly.

$there are more than 18000 people per square mile in Singapore!

Life style

1) some sports are soccer, badmitten, basketball and golf.

2)Singapore is a very small island so water sports are very populer.

3) When kids get free time they play video games , computer or mess around with friends or family members.

4)Rice is eaten with almost every meal like fish, seafood,chicken,and vegtables


1)Singapore might bae a small country but its econimy is giant !

2)singapore as a parlament to make the countrys laws.

3)becouse Singapore is so crowded the govern ments limits the amount of cars.

4)Singapore has to pay a big tax to get a car.

My choice

1) Traveling is like going to other countries in singapore.

2) The British stayed until World War 2.

3)It was until 1959 until Singapore gained there Independence.