Bearcat Brief

September 16, 2016

Be a Bucket Filler

Here's a little more adult version of the "How Full is Your Bucket?" tale. Students came up with 4 pages of bucket fillers, so I think it led to some positive conversations. Let's try to model being bucket fillers and use some of the language from the story with kids as we encourage positive behaviors and peer interactions.
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Emergency Drills Debrief

Our evacuation time was good for the fire drill on Tuesday. Please make sure you are the last one out of your room and you close your door and turn off your lights. Thank you for those of you who had the first students hold doors open for those behind.

The kids were great for the tornado drill and got into position and were quiet; thank you for your supervision and getting them to where they needed to be. I'm glad we practiced this, because I was able to see that some room maps conflicted with what was in the emergency plan. I am in the process of redoing the maps. If there is time, the preferred action is to get everyone to the inside rooms in the old 4th grade portion of the building. The new maps will also indicate which room you will go to and how you will get there if we all head to rooms B1-B5. Next time we practice tornado drills, we will practice those routes.

Professional Reading:

Upcoming Events


September 16- Grades Due

September 17- Cross Country @ Fulton Invitational

September 19- Report Cards Distributed, 7/8 Girls Basketball @ Owensville- 5:30 pm

September 20- 6th Grade PLC- 3:00

September 21- Ms. Buschmann out for MSHSAA training (don't advertise this)

September 22- 7/8 Girls Basketball vs. St. James- 5:30 pm

  • Book- Jeremy Hosick, Clock- Josh Vinyard, Gate- Amy Alferman, Concessions- Betsy Stephan

September 26-29- Hermann 7th Grade Tournament

  • 9/26- Book- Debbie Brethorst, Clock- Josh Vinyard, Gate- Becky Summers, Concessions- Anne Worland
  • 9/27- Book- Debbie Brethorst, Clock- Josh Vinyard, Gate- Kara Emmons, Concessions- Anne Worland
  • 9/28- Book- Debbie Brethorst, Gate- Paige Brown STILL NEEDED: Clock and Concessions
  • 9/29- Book- Debbie Brethorst, Clock- Josh Vinyard, Gate- Becky Summers STILL NEEDED: Concessions

September 26-29- Washington 8th Grade Tournament

September 30- Student of the Month Assembly, Snack Day


October 1- Draft of PD Plan due to shared Google folder

October 3- Walking Program Kickoff- 4:30

October 3- 7/8 Grade Girls Basketball vs. Bland- 5:30

  • Book- Hosick, Clock- Josh Vinyard, Gate- Jennifer Burns, Concessions- Betsy Stephan

October 4- Cross Country Home Meet at Loutre Shores Golf Course- 4:00

October 4- 7/8 Girls Basketball @ St. Clair Middle School- 5:30

October 5- 7/8 Girls Basketball @ Washington Middle School- 5:30

October 7- 5th Grade PLC- 8:15

October 7- Homecoming Parade- 3:30