"All About Me!"

Lizzie Helsell

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Hi my name is Lizzie Helsell and I will be sharing all my hobbies and learning styles! Enjoy!!!


  • Art/drawing
  • Sports: volleyball and softball
  • Music: flute
  • Playing with pets

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I am into sports, especially volleyball and softball. I am on student council and in forensics. Lastly, I enjoy camping and swimming.

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School Strengths




  • Helping others
  • Being creative
  • Having variety of things to do
  • Not having to worry about losing a job

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How many ways am I smart?

  • Music smart
  • Picture smart
  • People smart

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Learning Style

Learning by doing!
I learn best through experience. I need to be actively involved in what I learn.
Learning Math Styles- Learning math by seeing the problems.

Learning Social Styles- Learning by myself

My Personal Globe Inventory

  • My Holland Code
- Artistic, Social, Enterprising
  • 3 of my Career Clusters
- Arts, Audio/Video
-Education and Training
-Government and public administration
  • Dream Job

-Nurse Practitioner

Education Path- advanced courses in Math, English, Social Studies, and Science, Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry.

Money- $67,300

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