Digital Citizenship

Your safe life on the the internet

How to be safe on line

Learning to be safe online is a very important thing. Without the knowledge to be safe online, you can fall into many traps and cons. Here are three things to think about when you are online. 1. "Digital Footprints." Digital footprints can lead to a much harder life. Digital footprints can give you a very bad reputation and can make it very hard to get a job. 2. "Digital dirt" Being conscious of what information you are giving to websites, and what websites your giving that information to. 3. "Hackers." You would be surprised how easy it is for a hacker to access your accounts on websites. So keep you passwords complicated and make sure you don't use sloppy managing.

Cleaning up Digital Dirt

Stay Sober Online

How can i stay sober online? Internet can have many addicting aspects to it. From Facebook to games and everything between, there is always something that can be very addicting. Some kids will play online games all night long without sleeping. Korea has even came up with a sort of rehab for these kids. This is definitely a problem and kids need to know this.

South Korea's secret digital addiction