Jake Sebren

I don't need it to be easy, I need it to be worth it. -Drake

Who Am I?

My interests are music and sports. My skills are music and sports. My values are that im mentaly strong, im street smart, im willing, determined, and a fast thinker. I have a good self-esteem, I dont care what people think about me. My learning style is hands on, I learn things better when i try them.

Where Am I Going?

My career as an invester.......what i will do in this job is invest in companies and products and get a percentage of what that company makes. The job outlook is good but it can be risky.

How Do I Get There?


The college i would like to go to is either New York Usiversity or UCLA in California.

Why This College?

I want to go to this college because i have always wanted to go to Callifornia and i think it would be fun. To get the job I want all i need is a highschool equevalent. THis college cost about $4,000 per quarter. I hope for a sports scholarship, and an academic scholarship.