Democratic republicans

Democracy of the people by the people for the people.

The Democratic Republicans

a.) The Democratic-republicans agreed to the move the capital to the Potomac river which today is Washington D.C

b.)The Democratic-Republicans argued that the constitution should be interpreted strictly:it did not specifically grant congress the right to create a national bank.

C.) When the french revolution began in 1789 The democratic-republicans supported the french overthrow of their king while the federalist sided with Britain to secure the trade market.

D.) The Democratic-republicans feared a Strong-central government of the national government.

E.) Federalist passed the alien and sedition act which were designed to silence and Weakening the Democratic party and silence it's newspaper.

F.) In 1812 The united states declared war on great Britain. the war of 1812 bought a new surge of nationalism.

Additional Information

A.) The founder of the national Leader party was Formed By James Madison and Thomas jefferson.


BY:Myona Patterson

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