Teacher Induction Program 2016-2017

Information for Principals

Objectives for today:

1. Be aware of the TIP schedule for August 2016.

2. Understand campus roles & responsibilities regarding Campus Orientation Day.

3. Know where to find information & resources regarding TIP.

What's the schedule?

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District Day - Alan November

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Campus Orientation Day

  • Plan to lead this yourself or designate an AP.
  • Prepare in advance using the resources available on the TIP website.
  • What about LMTCs and mentors?

TIP Cohort Days

  • Facilitator Recommendations
  • Facilitator Approval
  • Use of Classrooms

Ongoing Support

  • Mentoring
  • Late Hire Welcome
  • New Teacher Support Sessions
  • Online Communities
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  • More Campus Orientation Day Resources
  • Technology Resources
  • Cohort Details

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