Gettysburg College

"Do Great Work"

Gettysburg College has Great Opportunities for Accepted Students

First of all, to get accepted to Gettysburg College, one must have submitted their SAT or ACT test scores and participated in a rigorous and academically challenging high school education. Since Gettysburg College is a private, liberal arts school, they expect high test scores, that type of high school education and are highly selective. There are more than 120 clubs of a wide variety in which students can participate. There are also many opportunities to participate in community service activities and also practice leadership skills. A wide variety of majors, minors, and programs attract students with a variety of different educational interests. Gettysburg is a fantastic school for internships as it was ranked as eleventh in the nation for internships by the Princeton Review. The college also offers a great deal of financial aid for it's students and was ranked one of the "Best Value Colleges of 2014", also by the Princeton Review.

The College Has a Beautiful Campus That is Rich in History

The Gettysburg College campus is located adjacent to the historical Civil War battlefield in which the Battle of Gettysburg took place. The college was founded in 1832 by anti-slavery theologian Samuel Schmucker. The land for the college was granted by abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens, who is also the author of the fourteenth amendment of the Constitution. During the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, Pennsylvania Hall on campus was used as a hospital for hundreds of soldiers. Women were admitted to the school for the first time in 1883. At one time, former President Dwight D. Eisenhower served on the Board of Trustees and wrote his memoirs in what is now known as the Eisenhower house. The photos below may give one an idea of what the Gettysburg Campus looks like in whole.

Why Am I Considering Gettysburg College?

I am personally considering attending Gettysburg because I plan on majoring in history. I feel that this school would be great for anyone studying history because of it's historical location and some of the facilities and programs that the school has to offer for those students. For example, one facility that is located in the campus is the Civil War Institute. The Civil War Institute provides exemplary education for those interested in learning about the Civil War Era and the Institution even hosts a summer program. I am also interested in receiving the best education that I possibly can, but at the same time stay close to home and Gettysburg College provides the perfect opportunity to do so. The generous financial aid also prompted me to look at this school more in depth as it would be great to be able to graduate with the least amount of student debt possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to get into Gettysburg College?

ACT or SAT (subject tests are considered) and participation in an advanced and rigorous high school education.

What activites/programs are offered at Gettysburg College?

There is a large variety of clubs and also several options for women's and men's sports. There are many opportunites for internships and career development through several different programs. Also, there are leadership and community service opportunities for those who are interested.

Why are you considering Gettysburg College?

The college is rich in history, including the fact that one of it's buildings was used as a hospital during the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. I am also interested in the variety of clubs and organizations that the college has to offer. They even have the Civil War Institute for those interested in the study of history.

What may people not know about Gettysburg College?

Gettysburg is the eleventh best school in the nation for internships. It was also named one of the "Best Value Colleges for 2014" by the Princeton Review and by Kiplingers' Personal Finance as a "Best Value" among private colleges.

Where is Gettysburg College Located?

Gettysburg College is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania adjacent to the famous Civil War battlefield

What is the school motto?

"Do great work"

What components make up Gettysburg College?

Gettysburg has many buildings included in it's campus that serve different purposes. There is the Civil War Institute for those who are interested in the study of history. There is also Glatfelter Hall which is used as student housing and classrooms. The Office of Admissions is stationed in The Eisenhower House, named after President Eisenhower who stayed there. Breidenbaugh Hall is the location of the Writing Center, the Language Resource Center, and the Joseph Theater. There are two centers for athletics, Bream Wright Hauser Athletic Complex and the John F. Jaeger Center for Athletics, Recreation, and Fitness. Included are many other buildings that house different aspects of the school and have a rich history behind them.

Is there a graduate program?

Yes, however some students transfer to other renowned colleges to pursue their Masters.

What is the history of Gettysburg?

Gettysburg College was founded in 1832 by anti-slavery theologian Samuel Schmucker on land provided by abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens. During the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Hall was used as a hospital for hundred of soldiers. Women started to be admitted in 1883. President Dwight D. Eisenhower served on the Board of Trustees for a time, and now the Eisenhower house on campus is named after him.

Are there any notable alumni?

Ron Paul: former politician and frequent presidential candidate

Joe Carbone: a coach for the Los Angeles Lakers

Carson Kressley: star of a former television hit