6th grade

Faverite things

Ela 1

In ELA 1 we have been learning about Google classroom. What Google classroom is its a website the teachers make. They make their own Google classroom. It's pretty fun what you do is you get on it the teachers can asine you tasks and you do them. When you are done you can just turn it in to and she can see what you did.

Faverite thing of 6th grade so far

What I like so far is P.E. Because it's very fun. Right now we have football teams and my team is practicing hard. We have already started some of our own plays. I'm the Quarterback. I'm good at throwing the ball far. Today 8-28-15 I'm going to pe to practice with my team. I'm very excited!!!
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What's happening in math

In math we are working on algebra. It's kinda fun but sometimes hard in it we are working hard. Sometimes it's confusing and we have a test on Thursday. It is definitely working my brain it is challenging and fun at the same time.
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