By: Emma Hutchens


Intro paragraph

In The Giver by Lois Lowry the book and movie have differences and similarities. In the book the character Jonas is introduced. When he receives his career it is very surprising to the community and his peers. Throughout the book Jonas learns new secrets of the community that are to never be told. As he learns about the untold we go through the journey of his life with him along the way. In the movie, there are some differences and similarities that help us see the story at a new level.

Body paragraphs

One difference between the book and movie is the age of Jonas and his peers. On page ___ in the book it explains that Jonas is twelve and will receive his career at the ceremony of the twelves (Lowry). However in the movie Jonas is sixteen when he receives his job. Because of this we can view Jonas as a more mature character. At twelve we see it as a very young age to be getting a job, so making him older in the movie makes him seem more reliable and trustworthy. It not only makes him more responsible, but also makes the audience more engaged because he is more appealing. It gets the audiences attention rather than a twelve year old boy who would come across as more childish. We can relate it better to our world today rather than a totally different idea.
Not only is Jonas just a different age, but something the movie keeps the same is the color. At the beginning they make it black and white like it is seen for the people in the community. It puts us in the perspective of the community members, which helps grow our understanding of why when Jonas begins to see color it is kept such a secret. Then in the movie it shows us color the way Jonas begins to see it helping us see his growth in knowledge and understanding of the world. We get to see the world through someone else's eyes. On page ___ it is the Giver explaining to Jonas what color is and that he thinks it is what Jonas is beginning to see (Lowry). This is when Jonas realizes that he is seeing what is known as color. In the book it is hard for us to comprehend him only seeing one color at first, but with the movie doing that it helps us grasp the concept.
The third thing noticed to be different from the book to the movie was how memories where transferred. In the book the memories are transferred through the placement of the Givers hands on Jonas' back (pg__Lowry). However, in the movie they hold each others wrists in order for the memories to be passed on. This doesn't make us think that it means too much, but it makes a stronger connection between the two people. It appears to have a stronger hold on the memory; it is a more powerful connection between the two people. It also is an easier way to hold onto someone so is easier for the giver of the memory to transport.


The book and movie The Giver have similarities and differences that are effective to the audience.



  • The apple is a symbol of change. It is a new beginning, a new way to see life and everything in it. It is what Jonas wishes to see in his society. He is the only one who can see the change in the color which resembles the change that he knows the town could have. The world he knows they could live in. Jonas has the ability to see change unlike the other citizens which is why only he sees the apple changing at first. The color red can mean love or hate showing that that is something the community does not have, but something that could also change. Since they have no feelings towards other individuals, there is no love or hate. Jonas sees the color of the apple which can symbolize the love or hate he could be feeling if he didn't take the pill. Color can have so much meaning and reason to something.


  • The sled represents a new journey in life. You’re never exactly sure where it will lead you but you know it is unknown. When Jonas sleds down the hill with Gabriel they don't know where it will lead them but it gives them hope for a change in the environment they were in. It is a new start, a new beginning. Its an adventure you're willing to take because you are hopeful it will be better than the last “ride” or path your life was on.


You must use the memories you have from the past to make decisions for the future

Decisions and Choices

  • Without the memories from the past it is hard for people to make decisions for the present and future of their lives. The Giver is full of decisions having to be made by Jonas, The Giver, Fiona, Asher, and many others in the society. It is a main vocal point to the rising action and climax of the narrative. The characters have to make decisions on what they will do the next day and how they will carry on with their life.


Character Analysis: Jonas

  • In the book Jonas’ character can be defined through dialogue, and in the movie it can be shown through his actions and what he says. On pages 128 & 129 in the book Jonas is giving Gabe happy memories of “boat rides and picnics in the sun; memories of soft rainfall against windowpanes; memories of dancing barefoot on a damp lawn” and then says to Gabe, “There could be love” making us see his caring and giving thoughts toward others and especially baby Gabriel. Jonas is a very fatherly person towards Gabe. He is open to new ideas and wants others to have a chance to do something important. He wants others to experience; he is very concerned for other people and does not just worry about himself. He shows love to all people even though they do not know what it truly means. Another example of this is when he is in the garden with Fiona during the movie and he tries to show her his love and kindness even though she can not grasp what it is called. He wants to show others what it feels like; he wants to change things for them because he is giving and kind. Loving.