The Company Apple

By: Julisa Bucio


You might have heard of apple. How? Probably from iPhone's, Macs, iPad's, and many more devices that they have made. You might be interested about how it all got started, and who created Apple. You might know who created it, but he wasn’t the only one. Others also want to know, why did they make Apple, Inc.?


Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne were all the creators for Apple. On April, 1976, they started to develop and sell personal computers. According to Wikipedia, they started out with the name incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. Then on January 9, 1997, they were renamed Apple, inc. Over the years, they decided that they didn’t just want to sell computers, they wanted to sell other electronic devices. They then started to sell more devices.


Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, Apple TV, these are all of Apple products. Some of them even were upgraded majorly over the years, some were not invented until 2015. Some products that were barely invented in 2015 is the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch was very popular when it first came out, people would camp outside their local Apple store, or even stay up all night and wait just to be able to order it. Many people go crazy over Apples products.

Over The Years

Over the years, Apple has been making new updates, not just new iphones or new macs, but the new styles for iPhones and Macs iOS have went from iOS 1 to iOS 9.3, you might be saying, WOW! That is a lot of new updates, it is. They style of apps have changed, they have also updated many new features. They added Siri in the iOS 4 update. They style and layout of iPhones, Ipads and Macs have changed a lot over the years.

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These were a few facts and important things you should know about Apple. Some of these might have came as a surprise but it is very interesting on how something could turn from one thing to another., just like Apple went from selling just computer to almost every device, even a watch!