Consequence Modification Ch.12

By: Elizabeth, Michelle, and Tracy

Pick and Choose Our Battles

  • We need to be the change that we expect to see in our students.
  • If we change our behavior, and constantly praise our students instead of reprimanding them then they will not have to act out to gain attention.

Why Do Students Act Out?

  • To receive attention, they do not care if it is negative or positive attention, they just want attention.
  • The work may be to hard or boring for them so they act out to get out of their work.
  • Gain peer attention.
  • Escape someone.
  • Escape sensory overload.
  • Escape from pain (emotional or physical).

We need to be detectives in our classroom to determine what the underlying reasons for our students behaviors, and then pay off for appropriate behavior rather than inappropriate behavior.

Ideas on how to Modify Behavior

  • For students who crave peer attention: give these students extra time to socialize with their peers when they display positive behavior
  • Access to Materials: Create "now" and "then" columns, where the student is expected to complete a non preferred activity in order to engage in a preferred activity afterwards.
  • For students who have issues staying in their seat: Give these students air filled cushions to sit in during the day, so they are able to both move around, and stay in their seat.
  • When students avoid certain people: keep an eye on who these students are avoiding, and try to find ways to "Bully Proof" the school.
  • To avoid sensory overload: Try rearranging seating in the classroom so that students are not sitting near peers who may irritate them.