Bronco Chronicles

Volume 27, Week 4/3 - 4/21

Lead Learner's Message

Goooooood evening #BroncoStrong faculty and staff. We wrapped up our 32nd week of school. It is hard to believe the end of school is approaching. It has been a productive, eventful, and wonderful school year to this point. Keep it up and keep teaching those LIFE CHANGING LESSONS everyday.

Please remind kids we have our LAST principal for a day book challenge going on and they have choices this time, so please encourage them to participate because even if they don't win, they may be eligible to participate in a movie day if they read the book and take the AR test. The two books that have a movie day attached to them are Matilda and How to Train Your Dragon.

Now, get out there and ignite your shine and make the rest of the year count!

#BroncoStrong #BroncoNation

Upcoming Events

1. April 25th - 8th Grade College Day Field Trip (lists have been emailed and posted)

2. May 3rd - STAAR Training @ 4pm

3. May 8-11th STAAR Testing

4. May 15th - Physicals for JH Boys (Starts at 3pm - will take students to the clinic on the bus, but parents must then pick them up.)

5. May 16th Camp Half Blood (More information to come)

6. May 17th - Old Jail Art Center Field Trip (Mrs. Escalon will send out the list)

7. May 18th - BJHS Awards Assembly @9:30 in the Bailey Auditorium

8. May 18th - Physicals for JH Girls (Starts at 3pm - we will take students to the clinic on the bus, but parents must pick them up.)

Don't Forget

1. Failure Monitoring Report must be completed by 4/24 at the end of the day. Please remember, you must call parents and let them know if their child wasn't successful in your course during the 5th six week.

2. All T-Tess EOY Conferences have been scheduled and several have been completed. Please remember that evidence can be physical, but it is more about the professional conversation we have. In addition, you may present any additional evidence you have in relation to Domains 1-3. Finally, be prepared discuss the progress you have made related to your goal setting and goals for next year.

In the last volume, the baby photo was of Coach Funderburg. No one correctly guessed, so hopefully you will try again this week!

Who's that baby?


Open Jar Thinking


This analogy is not meant to compare school personnel or students to fleas, but rather to help us understand human behavior that is quite similar to the flea experiment. State testing is not an invisible ceiling that serves as a barrier to reaching new heights, it is what is it, law. I suggest we as educators use the state standards and traditional best practices as a way to begin to remove the lid. More to the point, we must innovate and continually grow to find relevant best practices and student learning experiences that will permanently remove lid on learning for kids....they deserve it and we deserve it. Innovation and pedagogy that keeps up with our rapidly changing world will help forever remove the lid.
Fleas in a jar similarity in fleas and human behaviour