What Do Scientists Do?

Rosa Isela Peters

Marine Biologists

What type of schooling/training is needed to obtain the job of a marine biologist?

If you get a good biology education and along with a summer marine station courses, as well as internship. You will be well prepared for a career in marine biology. A bachelor's degree in biological sciences. If your going into the grand majority of research positions would require a master's degree in marine biology at least.

How much do marine biologist earn a year?

The salary of a marine biologist can range from their experience and where they work and from what they are doing. As well as a volunteer experience as an unpaid intern to a salary of up to $35,000-$110,000 per year.

Describe what your responsibilities would be as a marine biologist.

A marine biologist may work out in or on the ocean, they may work on a boat as well as scuba dive or use a submersible vessel. They may work in a laboratory, there they examine tiny creatures under a microscope or observe animals in a tank.

They could also work in an aquarium or zoo.

Where would you need to live to work in this career?

Oceanography centres, laboratories, aquariums, research boats and vessels are some of the possibilities for field workplaces. As a marine biologist you can travel to interesting places, which is one of the perks in this career. They are often working near a tide pool a swamp, a mangrove forest, a coral reed, or any place that supports marine life.
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