World war 2

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world war two was something that happened in July 7,1937 it was something that inpacted not just the people who fought but also who were there when it all happened

historic world war 2

World War 2 began on july 7 1937 Marco Polo Incident caused the war to begin between Japan and china on september 1,1939 invade poland which led Britian and france to declare war on hitlers nazi state retaliation.the General comanders were Allies Joseph stallin , fracklin D.roosevelt , winston churchchill , chiang kai-shek , charles de gaule , Axis Adolf Hittler , Hirohito , Benito mussolini . over 12 million death caused because of the war world war 2 was the most destructive war in history totald 50 millon people died . lost of distruction and deaths were caused. the end of the German third russia became . global super powers founding on the united states .Jupans plans for east led to attack to attack pearl harbor in December 1941 which led the United states to get involved in War World 2 .more then 50 countries fought on parts all over the war except Antarctica . google .

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