Stuck in the middle

Have you ever had to care for your brother? well i have. The things you have to look for them are they can be mean. so know lets get into my first main idea.

Boom,crash-that dosen't sound good

When you fight with your brother you yell and scream at each other. Then you say something you don't mean to say then your brother tells on you.Or you will hurt your brothers feelings.For example when i yelled at Bryce last night then we went back and forth for like 5 min.

Red Smoke Coming From My Ears

Did you ever disagree with your brother? well i do. When Bryce and I disagree we never find a soultion for are problem.Then we have to ignore each other and then we figure it out. I say sorry then he says sorry back.

Loving Each Other

Furthermore, Bryce and I can love each other like on the phone i will sometimes answer my moms phone.then at he end of the the phone call he will say I love you then I will say I love you back. I know,I know everybody is like who would say I love you to your brother.Well here is the thing you have to love your bothers because they are inporant to us.

win win war

Arguing is never fun, but have you ever argued with you brother.? Well I have and it is not fun because? you will get told on witch would not be good. This also go's along with getting irritated with your brother. well I always get irritated with Bryce when he knows that he is being annoying.

Best soulition

Moving forward sometimes you have to compromise. A couple of things that me and Bryce have to compromise on are the waiting to use the TV remote
The point I am trying to get is always be nice to your brother Evan if you don't feel like it.