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2016-17 Technology News and Nuggets of Knowledge

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The reason for this newsletter is to help you get your Tech Up and running in your classroom! There are some suggestions, some did you knows, don’t forgets and Nuggets of Knowledge!

The best way to get help is to use the eduphoria helpdesk system to report any problems or needs. You can even ask questions or tell us what you wish for, technology wise that is!

Remember, we, the technology department, are here to support you!

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Check Your Tech

If you haven’t already, check out your classroom technology to make sure it all works. In the summer classrooms are moved to the hallways so they can be cleaned. This means that all the computer cables were disconnected and need to be set back up, so it is ready for you.

From time to time a cable may be missed or be missing and that means something will not work! Do you have printers available, is the sound working, how about the projector?

Also, check that the software you need is installed on your computer. For instance, is Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc…) and Mimio installed and working?

If you find any issue go to eduphoria-helpdesk-technology, choose the category of the issue and submit your work order.
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Just a Reminder!

At the end of the day Log Off or Restart your computer. Do Not Shutdown!

Your computer gets it's updates and patches at night. If you shutdown your computer you may find it running really slow the next day because it is downloading updates.

Please remember to Log Off or Restart, don't leave your computer logged in when you leave. Anyone that comes into your room can access your "STUFF" if you do!

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New to Windows 10 Operating System

Those of you that have the new Windows 10 operating system will find a couple things different, not much has changed but here are a few!

To Log Off

Click the Windows 10 Logo in the bottom left corner of your desktop.

At the top of the menu click your name

Choose to log off

Restart the Computer

Click the Windows 10 Logo in the bottom left corner of your desktop.

In the menu click Power

Choose Restart

Finding Your Files and Shares

Click the Windows 10 Logo in the bottom left corner of your desktop.

Click File Explorer

On left find Documents and Downloads

Find your Share Drives

Click This PC

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Secure Printing

Do you have to print confidential information to a network printer? Will you get there before someone else accidentally picks it up with their print job?

No Worries! Use secure printing! Set your printer up with a PIN # and your document will not print until you are standing in front of the print and you put in your PIN #.

If you have a Windows 7 operating system, round colorful Windows logo, follow these instructions. Click Here

If you have Windows 10 operating system, black and white Windows logo, follow these instructions. Click Here

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How do students log onto a device?

Students in grades 1 - 12 will log onto a desktop computer, Chromebook or Chromebox in the same manner. They will use their 6 digit student ID number with @quinlanisd.net at the end (458396@quinlanisd.net) as their username. Their default password is their birthday (MMDDYY) with the word Panthers (071572Panthers).

One thing to REMEMBER is that students have the option to change their passwords once they are logged on. If they do, they will use the same password for both desktop computers and Chrome devices.

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Chrome Web Store

Policy Change Effective Immediately

Students can no longer install any Chrome app or extension, they can only pick from a pre-approved list. This has changed. Previously, they were not significantly restricted.

Staff can still use any app or extension in the app store. This has not changed.

If there is a staff member with a need for students to have a non-pre-approved app or extension, all they need to do is submit a ticket to have that item added to the approval list after a quick review.

Previously, students were permitted to install any app or extension, and this caused issues as they would install redirecting, badly coded, or otherwise misbehaved "shady" apps and extensions, causing problems with Google Classroom, etc. I have seen students with a dozen plus extensions for games and music. Usually, the issues we have with students logging into the Chrome Browser or Chrome devices, or unable to use the browser, etc. are caused by these bad apps/extensions. This action should resolve this issue.

Thank you,

Mike Roberts, Technology Director

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Chrome Sign in

If you do not see your customizations and/or APPS and Extensions in you Chrome browser, no fear!

Go to the hamburger (top right 3 horizontal lines), settings and log in with your QISD Google account, username (full email) and (email) password; Link data YES, sync all OK.

Now close your browser and reopen it, Wa La!

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Introducing our new Chromebook Monitoring System (GoGuardian) to use with the Chromebook Carts.

This tool will allow you to see what your students are doing, chat with them individually, block their screen, and push out websites to their screens on their Chromebooks from a teacher console...and more!

I will be scheduling more workshop in the near future!

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Classroom Phone

Message from Brian, the Phone Guy!

Good morning Teachers and Staff,

Over the summer we updated the servers that our phone system runs on. Unfortunately, during this update, all of the voice mail passwords and names were lost. Please use the following instructions to re-setup your voice mail.

Dial *17

Enter your extension and press #

When asked to enter your password, press #

When asked to enter your new password, enter a password and press #

When asked to reenter your password, enter the same password that you entered in the previous step and press #

You will then be asked to record your name.

Press 1, say your name, press 1 again.

You have now finished with the basic set up of your voice mail.

How to set-up your voicemail and use your classroom phone can be found in Google Drive / QISD Reference by searching for Classroom Phone.

If at any time you do not remember your voicemail password, please put in a helpdesk work order to have it reset.

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Lock Your Computer

When you're stepping away from your computer lock it so everything you have open and ready for class is only your password away and no one can access it when you're not there!

Use the key combination "Windows key" (windows logo, bottom row on the left) + the L key. To gain access when you return to your computer, Ctrl + Alt + Del and type in your password, everything is right where you left it!

Keep your computer secure, go ahead, give it a try!

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Archive instead of delete!

When you delete an email after some time it is permanently deleted and can never be recovered.

You shouldn't ever have to throw things away. Archiving moves messages out of your inbox and into "All Mail," so they don't clutter your Inbox or Trash but remain searchable in case you ever need them again.

Learn more

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Discovery Streaming

Teachers, you have access to Discovery Education / Streaming, all you need is an account! You can find QISD campus codes in Google Drive, search for Discovery and click on ...Teacher SetUp. If you have an account from a different district, please transfer your account to our district; directions are page two in the above mentioned Google Doc.
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BrainPOP ESL is a comprehensive English language learning program that uses highly engaging animated movies to model conversational English while seamlessly introducing grammar concepts and vocabulary words. The movies are leveled, with each new movie and associated features building upon earlier ones, thereby reinforcing vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading comprehension, and writing skills. The building block structure enables students to master the language in a step-by-step process, giving them the confidence they need to read, write, and speak English.

To find the Educator Codes and Campus usernames and passwords CLICK HERE

Go to BrainPop ESL

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SchoolObjects NOREPLY emails

The NOREPLY means do not use Reply because no one will ever see your reply!

If you hit the Reply button in the email to answer a question sent through our Helpdesk system (NOREPLY Schoolobjects) we will never get the answer to our question and in time will close the ticket because of no activity.

To answer a NOREPLY email from our helpdesk system do the following:

  1. Log into eduphoria
  2. Choose Helpdesk
  3. On the left, you will see any open tickets you have .Click on the ticket
  4. Above the ticket there is a Note icon, click it
  5. Answer the question in the drop down text box and Submit.

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QISD Events Calendar

Would you like to add the QISD Events calendar to your list of calendars? This way you can view it along with your own calendar without having to go to the Homepage?


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YouTube Blocked

Teachers Do have Access To YouTube!

Teachers do not fret when trying to go to a youtube video and get a blue block screen!

You have access to YouTube!

From time to time the web filter cannot tell if it's really you logged onto the computer, it in a way loses trust, no problem. You can re-authenticate to the web filter and you're in!

Learn How

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YouTube Video Not Approved

Are you getting a YouTube Not Approved message when trying to play an educational video? You can fix that easily by signing into the Chrome Browser (how to is in newsletter above) or there are 3 other ways!

Click the link below to find out how!

Learn How
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YouTube videos without comments, ads, or other distractions!

E-Z to use!

  1. Find a YouTube video you like.
  2. Paste it into the field on the homepage that says "Enter YouTube URL or search term..."
  3. Click Purify and enjoy.

Create start and stop points for the video; view only what you want!

Click Here to take a Tour

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TMS and FHS Connecting to Projector

Those of you on the Thompson and Ford campuses have wireless projectors in your room. How to connect to the projector documents can be found in Google Drive by searching for Classroom Wireless Projector.
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Prolong the Life of your Projector Bulb

Always turn the projector off if it will be an extended period of time before you use it again AND always turn it off at the end of the day.

Don’t forget, when you see the “Filter needs to be Cleaned” message pop-up on your screen please put in a technology work order in helpdesk to have them properly cleaned.

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