Black boys invading homes!

The 2 niggers involved have fled the scene.

Boo Radley invasion!

Our interview with Boo Radley has come and gone and he is the man who had his property invaded by two young black boys. Mr.Radley says next time he will not shoot to scare. It doesn't matter if it's a dog, boy, nigger or thief! The two boys have not been apprehended. People in this town are worried that they might have something stolen by the two black boys. The reason that Mr.Radley is so angry is because he knows people don't mess with him and this was all on purpose. We also got an interview with Atticus Finch. He is the Lawyer defending the black man is the lop sided case. He says that it isn't a black boy who is terrorizing the people of Maycomb county. His reasoning is that his client would have found out from a parent of the boy. The people on location say that the boys should be punished very much when they are caught because the should know their place in society.


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Dead dog in the street!

Tim Johnson was a sick dog. The sad thing is that he died yesterday. He was a sick dog that was thought to have rabies. His owner was and is Mr. Harry Johnson. He was shot dead by Atticus finch. He was apparently alarmed of the events outside and he came outside to see a dog limbering up the street. Mr. Finch then came outside with his gun and hit Tim Johnson with the deadly blow. The whole town knew what was happening by then and came outside. They were surprised to see Mr. Atticus finch had fired the shot but it was explained later that he was an expert marksman before. The dog died right there i the street when the bullet struck him in the head.

We expect it to be another cold day in Maycomb so Bundle up.

First real winter in years!

It has snowed in Maycomb or the first time in years. The cold weather plus a little luck has allow light snow to fall. Many people were outside enjoying it because they knew it wouldn't last. The elderly men and women are saying its the first time its snowed since 1885. Walking by house to house you see the things people have created. There are small snow men and kids making snow angels. Sadly this fun won't last. We talked to Mrs. Dubose and she said it was because that Atticus Finch was defending niggers. We also talked to Mrs Maudie, she says that it snows when kids do bad things.