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September 20th, 2021

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Buckalew Bears Motto:

"Today I choose to BE Kind, Work Hard, and Do My BEst!"

Our school hours are officially 8:00-3:10. Students may arrive as early as 7:30.

*disclaimer that items published in this newsletter may change due the COVID-19 pandemic*

From Mrs. Price

Thank you for taking the time to read through the information found in this newsletter. There is a lot of information. Things to note:

  • COVID-19 close-contact isolation protocols for students have been updated. Please refer to the "Can My Child Go to School Today" update below.
  • Parents can now self-report their child's positive test result. Instructions can be found below.
  • Upcoming Events have been updated.
  • Book Fair begins Monday.
  • Wear your Favorite TEAM shirt/jersey Friday 9/24
  • Last Day to purchase Buckalew PJ's (9/27) and how to order!

Have a great week ahead and we thank you for your continued support!


Mrs. Price

Please Review the Update on Can my child go to school today?

If positive individual is in same household, 10-day quarantine required unless the student meets one of the exemption criteria included in the attached graphic
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Parents of students who have received COVID-19 positive results are asked to complete the self-report in the SSO portal:

CISD remains at a Safety Alert Level 4:

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Upcoming Events (dates may alter or change due to the pandemic)


12-25- Virtual Book Fair

20- 24- Book Fair In-Person "books only, kids only"

20 - 10/1 Food Drive

24- Wear your Favorite TEAM shirt/jersey!

29 - Spirit Night at Torchy's Tacos


1- PTO Virtual Meeting 9:30

1- Wear your Bear Pride Spirit Shirt!

7- Storybook Parade (more information to come)

7 - Spirit Night at Chick Fil A

8-No School/Staff Development Day

11-No School/Holiday

12-15 Coat Drive

14-Chalk the Walk

15- Walk to School Day

25-29- Red Ribbon Week


5- PTO Virtual Meeting 9:30

5th- Student Retake Fall Photos

12- Boosterthon Run

15-19 Food Drive

15-19 Generation Texas Week

22-26 Thanksgiving Break


3- PTO Meeting

9- 1st Grade After School Playdate Fundraiser

14- 4th Grade After School Playdate Fundraiser

17- Jingle Bell Jog

17- Early Release 12:10

20-January 4- Winter Break


5- Classes Resume

7-PTO Meeting

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Scholastic Book Fair

We have 2 great ways to shop the book fair and support our school.

You may shop online at the virtual fair beginning September 12-25. Enjoy hundreds of titles, free shipping on book-only orders of $25.00 or more and 25% of proceeds go directly to our school.

Students may shop in-person at the book fair beginning September 20-24. Students will be able to purchase books from our fair when they come to their library and lab classes during book fair week.

This year our in-person book fair will be a “books only, kids only” fair due social distancing. This will be a “cases only” book fair: posters and school supplies will be offered ONLY through the online virtual book fair.

Scholastic eWallet is an EASY way to have your student shop the in-person fair without them having to carry cash.Previous years eWallets were set up as an "account" and any unused funds on the eWallet fell off the credit card hold at the close of the fair. This year eWallets are charged in full at the time of purchase and any unused funds will be transferred to an eGift card. These eGift cards do NOT expire and can be used to shop online, with book clubs or to fund another eWallet during a future fair.

Click the link below to set up eWallet or to shop virtually!


Want to Buy Books for a Teacher's Classroom?

At past book fairs, families were able to choose, purchase and donate a book from their teacher's wish list basket of books the teacher had selected to build their classroom library. Since this book fair is kids only, families now have the option to make a small donation toward their teacher's eWallet account, which will allow each teacher to purchase the books they would like to have in their classroom. Thank you for your continued support of our school!


Corley: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2743052

Davis: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2800157

Harsh: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2744930

Mader: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2743310

Smejkal: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2750217

Warren: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2821449

First Grade

Fuller: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2747126

Moschitto: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2743392

Ramirez: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2819838

Snyder: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2736192

Second Grade

Amador: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2805801

Dillow: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2736167

Segel: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2800470

Fourth Grade

Hanna: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2742199

Saheb: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2736271

Triem: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2737780

Tyner: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2800145


Doak: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2742027

Life Skills

Konczak: https://shop.scholastic.com/ewallet/fund?lang=en_US&walletId=2742128

Counseling Helps Us ​G-R-O-W​!!!

New counseling groups are forming this month and will begin meeting the week of October 4th. Each group meets once a week for five weeks during lunch. The deadline to sign-up is Thursday, September 30th.

Group topics include dealing with BIG emotions (fear, anger, frustration, sadness), having a growth mindset, coping skills, and character traits such as perseverance, honesty, kindness, and gratitude. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at kpoints@conroeisd.net.

If you are interested in having your child join us, please fill out the below link:

October 2021 Counselling Groups

Hot Cocoa Breath

What should you do when emotions run hot? Try cooling things down

with Hot Cocoa Breath. Here's how:

  1. Pretend you are holding a warm cup of cocoa.
  2. Smell the aroma of the chocolate! (Breathe in through your nose for 3 counts.)
  3. Cool the hot cocoa down. (Breathe out/blow from your mouth for 3 counts.)
  4. Repeat until your emotions cool down.

Montgomery County Food Bank Food Drive September 20 - October 1st

Help feed hungry children, seniors, and families in need in Montgomery County by donating to the Conroe ISD Food Drive, benefitting Montgomery County Food Bank! Most needed items include healthy snacks, peanut butter, cereal, juice, grains, ready-to-eat meals, and canned items such as beans, vegetables, fruit, and tuna.

Drop off food donations to our front office collection bin! For more info on the food bank, visit mcfoodbank.org.

"Pawsitively” Awesome Character Focus 2021-2022

Each year at Buckalew, we teach and recognize great character in our students. The following list highlights our social and emotional learning focuses for this school year.

August I can understand my emotions.

September I can manage my behavior.

October I can be respectful.

November I can be trustworthy.

December I can resolve conflicts.

January I can set goals and achieve them.

February I can be honest.

March I can make wise decisions.

April I can be an upstander.

May I can contribute to my community.

Attention 4th Graders!

Buckalew Choir is available to all 4th graders as an optional after school activity. We hope to start Choir in January given that the district has lowered our Emergency Level to Level 3. In order to have a quick start up when that happens, we’d like to allow students to sign up now! When Mrs. Ramirez gets permission from the district, she will send out an email to those who have signed up for an official start date. Please note that she will be on Maternity Leave from September 27th until students return on January 5th. To sign up, please click the following link to fill out the Google Form:

Buckalew 20-21 Sign Up Form

If you cannot fill this out online and need a physical copy, Mrs. Ramirez will leave some forms on the wall outside the Music Room, and your child can turn it back into her. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Ramirez at sdramirez@conroeisd.net.

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Order Your Pajamas By 09/27

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-Information for your ongoing reference-

library news

Buckalew does not charge fines for overdue books, we just want them returned. We do ask that if a book is damaged while checked out to your student, that you cover the cost to replace the book. The books we purchase for our library are special reinforced library binding books designed to withstand hundreds of checkouts; completely different than a hardcover that you would buy at a local bookstore or online.

School Cash Online

We are very excited to announce that Buckalew Elementary will join in with other CISD schools and will be offering School Cash Online, which provides you with the convenience of paying online for school items such as trips, Scholastic Magazine subscriptions, and various activities. We really want to save you time when paying for school expenses, so we can’t wait for you to take advantage of this opportunity. School Cash Online is a great way to pay without the need for cash or checks!

Please follow the link below to register online (it takes less than 5 minutes!) Once you have registered your child, you will be able to see when they have a new item posted online for purchase. You also have the option to be notified whenever your child has a new school expense due, so you don’t have to worry about missing the deadline.

To set up an account and explore the system, please follow the instructions below. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Register Online:

Step 1: Please click on this link: https://conroeisd.schoolcashonline.com/

Step 2: Register by selecting the “Get Started Now” and following the steps.

Step 3: After you receive the confirmation email, select the “click here” option, log in and add each of your children to your household account.

If you have any questions during the registration process or while shopping online, please select the SUPPORT option in the top right-hand area of the screen or you may contact the parent help desk at 1-866-961-1803 or at http://schoolcashonline.co./Home/Support or see the handout below.


Currently, in grades 1st-4th, the classes are utilizing Scholastic News and Storyworks Jr magazine subscriptions to read high interest non-fiction texts and to learn about text features and engaging stories and different genres. We thank you in advance for purchasing this wonderful subscription for your child.

For the first time, Buckalew will be collecting money through School Cash Online vs requesting parents send in a check or cash.

Thank you again for your support in our students.

Transportation Changes and/or Early Pick-up

Just a friendly reminder to make any and all transportation changes, and if necessary in-person early student pick-ups prior to 2pm. Our goal is to dismiss students safely each day. After 2pm it becomes difficult to make changes in a timely and safe manner.

To make transportation changes, please send a note in your child's backpack to the teacher AND email: buckalewtransportation@conroeisd.net

Thank you for your understanding.

Active Start and Breakfast

Active Start is a before school "free play" for students arriving at school from 7:30-7:45. Weather-permitting, students go to the k-2 playground prior to the start of school. Students arriving after 7:45 will go straight to homerooms.

Breakfast is served in our cafeteria from 7:30-7:55 daily. See below for menu.

Water Bottles

Children are encouraged to bring water bottles each day. Please clearly write your child's name on the bottle with permanent marker.

Water Bottle Donations

We are collecting water bottle donations for students who forget their water bottle during the day. If you would like to donate, feel free to drop off at the front of the school.

Thank you!

Lunch Schedule

Lunches/Recess- To begin our year, we have limited our lunches to one grade level at a time eating in the cafeteria together (as opposed to 2 grade levels). This allows us to spread kids out further during lunch with 6-8 students at a table. At this time, this is what our lunch schedule will be for your child to start the year.

K 10:45-11:15

1 11:15-11:45

2 11:45-12:15

3 12:15-12:45

4 12:45 - 1:15

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Lunch Information

We are working with our students on understanding the lunch-buying process. It can be quite confusing for our elementary students. We are currently speaking with our students and explaining to them, if they bring a lunch, they should eat their lunch before going through the line and purchasing the "free" lunch. For some students, they are eating the "free" lunch and then getting a second lunch, which costs $3.85. As we try and navigate each student through the lunch line, every child has a different need, and we never want to deny students from going through the lunch line. We encourage you to communicate with your child your expectations in either: eating the lunch you are providing/packing; buying the "free" lunch only and going through the line one time; or explaining that if they go through the line a second time, their account is charged $3.85. If you are providing a lunch/snack and want your child to take advantage of the "free" lunch, a note would help the staff on duty make sure your child is eating what you expect, as there are different staff on duty each day. We also encourage you to check your child's account, by going to the link below and you can check and monitor your child's purchase history, including the "free" breakfast or lunch, and if necessary put a limit on the account by contacting our cafeteria directly. It is a blessing that all students are provided a "free" breakfast and/lunch again this year, however it does become confusing for our elementary students.


Meal Includes Entree, Fruit, and 1% or Skim Milk Daily

There is no charge for student breakfast meals during the 21-22 school year

Non-Student Meal/2nd Meal $2.60


Meal Includes Entree, Vegetable, Fruit and 1% or Skim Milk Daily

There is no charge for student lunch meals during the 21-22 school year

Non-Student Meal/2nd Meal $3.85

Entree A la Carte $2.25

Fruit/ Vegetable/ Juice/ Bread A la Carte $1.10

Milk A la Carte $.90

If your child will be purchasing a second meal or extra items, you may prepay by using My School Bucks. You will find a link to this service, lunch menus, and other helpful information by clicking on the child nutrition resource button below. If you would like to put a cap on your child's spending on your lunch account, then please notify our cafeteria manager by calling 281-465-3467.

Meal Application

MySchoolApps is the fast and secure way to apply for free and reduced meals online. Click GET STARTED to find out if your District participates.

If your Child is Absent

Here are some quick links below to help you access content for your child.

Dreambox for Math can be found on your child's "SSO" and is online and can be done at home, without parent support. We recommend no more than 7 lessons a week at home, independently. Parents assisting their child with Dreambox will alter their path and not provide independent pathways for your child.

Reading either with your child, or your child independently reading is one of the best things you can do with your child in their absence from school. Ask comprehension questions: who, what, where, when, why?

The content on the Roadmap to Remaining Open webpages is designed to provide information relevant for the 2021-2022 school year. The details on this page are subject to change as we receive guidance from the Texas Education Agency, Governor’s Office, and State and local officials. Please check back often for the most up-to-date information.

Join our Incredible PTO!

As part of the Buckalew community, all families are invited to join the PTO which meets monthly. We so appreciate our active and generous volunteers who continue to shape the success of Buckalew and strengthen our students’ foundation for learning. We have many volunteer opportunities and need you to continue making Buckalew an outstanding school. Please consider joining the PTO fun. Please follow the Buckalew PTO's social media as they update it regularly!


1. Bus rider (eligible if home is 1 mile or further from school) Bus routes are posted online on and you can check the link below in "what bus do I ride". You can also register your child for the bus by clicking the link below.

2. Car Rider Signs. The car rider line will be at the rear of the school and the bus line will be at the front of the school. ALL Parents will receive TWO car rider signs (orange) at Meet the Teacher night. If you have multiple children, you family car rider signs will be found in your youngest child's homeroom. Please display the car rider sign in your front passenger window so our staff can read your card. See below to help you navigate our car rider line if you are new.

3. Day Care. Day care vehicles drop off and pick up students in the front of the school with the buses. If your child will not be riding the day care bus due to an early pick-up or transportation change, please notify the day care so they know your child will not be riding that day.

4. Biker/Walker. Kindergarten students must have a parent/guardian/designated adult present at the Biker Walker doors (under the patio) at dismissal in order to walk or bike home. Our Biker Walkers will exit the school near the bike racks. All other biker/walkers are released at dismissal to ride or walk home independently.

On severe weather dismissal days, students will not walk or bike ride home. If your child is a biker/walker as your primary mode, then you will be a car rider on severe weather days.

Buckalew Student Addendum

PDF to help you navigate Buckalew-specific dates, procedures, and information. Please note that all information in the Addendum is subject to change due to Covid 19.
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