Help Wanted!

We are looking for our next President!


  • The president must be a natural born citizen
  • at least 35 years old
  • 14 years of US residence

Seven Roles of The President of The United States

1)Chief of State: this role requires the President to be an example and role model for American citizens

2) Chief Executive: this role requires the President to preside over millions of government officials in the Executive Branch.

3) Chief Diplomat: this role requires the President to make the foreign policy of the US.

4) Chief Legislator: the President has the power to influence congress in its lawmaking.

5) Commander in Chief: the President is in charge of the US armed forces.

6) Chief of Party: the President helps members in his party get elected or appointed to office.

7) Chief Guardian of the Economy: the President is to make sure that the US economy runs smoothly.

Perks of Being a President

  • The white house is a perk in itself (bowling alleys, tennis and basketball courts, pool, valets, florists, movie theater, butlers)
  • unlimited staff
  • air force one
  • travel and advance team
  • allowance
  • travel benefits
  • health benefits
  • Presidential Townhouse
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