Fabulous First Grade

Getting ready for 2nd grade!!!

Moving On...

How can it be that this year is already coming to a close? It just doesn't seem possible! We have had such a wonderful year growing and learning together. The kids are excited to go to second grade but we are sad to see them go. We are super proud first grade teachers and we are excited to send our kiddos to second grade much taller but also much wiser. We wish all of you a terrific summer with lots of time with family and friends.

This newsletter has some information about continuing your child's learning throughout the summer. Keep this newsletter handy! With a little bit of time spent at home throughout the summer, your child can beat the "summer slide." We encourage you to try out these apps/websites prior to school ending so we can trouble shoot if you are having any problems accessing them.

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Language Workshop

We have read some incredible books this year! Our last Language Workshop unit consists of only 2 books and focuses on "Growth." We are discussing the essential question, "How have we grown this year?" What a great way to end the school year and have the opportunity to talk about all the ways we have grown this year!

Reading Workshop

In Reading Workshop, we have concluded our year with reviewing some content from earlier in the year to polish things up a bit and make sure our skills are 2nd grade fresh! We have focused on retelling, digging into characters in books and completing some inquiry projects. We have surpassed our independent reading goal and we are 2nd grade ready!

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop, we finished up our "How-to" books. It was fun to read about all the topics first graders consider themselves to be "experts" about. We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we did!

Math Workshop

In math, we are ending the year with a unit called, "Show what you know." This unit provides us the opportunity to revisit the math content from earlier in the year. It's a nice chance for review and also a time for us to reflect on all that we have accomplished this year.


We are wrapping up our Body Systems unit where we learned about some of the systems in the body. Our focus was on the circulatory, nervous, muscular, skeletal, respiratory and digestive systems. We concluded our unit with a Makerspace activity. The students traced each other and then used Makerspace materials to create components of each of the systems. What a fun activity!

Stuffed Animal Day

Our "principals for the day" have declared Friday, June 7th "Stuffed Animal Day." Each child may bring in one stuffed animal to enjoy for the day. The stuffed animal should be "noise-free," fit inside your child's backpack and make a good desk companion. The children will also enjoy some additional recess time on Friday as well.


Yearbooks will be distributed to first graders on Friday. First grade classes will join together for yearbook signing time. Please send a pen with your child on Friday if they would like to have their friends sign their yearbooks. They may bring them back to school on Monday as well. Just a reminder that yearbooks can no longer be purchased.

Library Books and Book in a Bag

If you have any library books or books from our Book in a Bag program at home, please return these items to school as soon as possible! Thank you to all who have already returned books to school!

Summer Enrichment

Several of our school apps are accessible to students throughout the summer.

  • Dreambox- Just as your child has used it throughout the year, they may use Dreambox at home. See the link below if you haven't connected to Dreambox yet. Even 10-15 minutes per day would keep skills fresh for 2nd grade.
  • RAZ Kids- Accessible from home with class teacher code. The teacher codes are listed below.
Czarnecki: czarneckia

LaValle: llavalled

Matze: smatze

Shumaker: sshumaker3

  • GoNoodle- This free app will keep your child moving throughout the summer, especially on those rainy days!
  • Visit the Rose Glen library page for access to numerous apps that are accessible throughout the summer.
  • EPIC!- This app is free for school during the year but is a paid membership when accessed at home. This year, EPIC is offering a discounted summer rate. For only $3, your child can have access to 35,000 books and videos (safer than browsing through YouTube!). Offer ends on 6/11/19 so sign up soon!

Field Day- Monday, June 10th

ALL children must wear tennis shoes to participate in field day. We will be participating (weather-permitting) in the morning. If you wish for your child to wear sunscreen, please apply the sunscreen before your child leaves for school in the morning. You may also send along a disposable water bottle, clearly labeled with your child's name, to take outside with us.

Upcoming Events

Friday, June 7 - Stuffed animal day

Monday, June 10th - Field Day & Last Day of School

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