By:Dalton Autrey and Vanessa Marquez

How is this natural resource is formed

.over millions of years plants were buried under water and dirt

.heat and pressure turned the dead plants into coal

.plants were covered by layers of dirt and rock over millions of years resulted the pressure and heat turned the plants int coal

Is it a renewable or Nonrenewable explain what it means

Nonrenewable resource because it takes millions of years to form


How is this natural resource used

.used to generate electricity or power plants used by burning coal

What are the advantages of using coal

.to produce electricity

.is affordable energy source

.coal is easy to burn

.it produces high energy upon combustion

What are some ways to conserve or alternatives to using coal

To burn it to generate electricity

What are the disadvantages of using coal

It emits harmful waste

Where is this resource found most abundantly

In the United States east of the Mississippi river

During collecting coal are there any harmful effects

It can cause many destructions to earths surface