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Brilliant Tactics at Sea Save Us!

The Persians sent a navy to destroy our great city. The oracle predicted wooden walls would save us. most of us thought this meant the acropolis. There was another possibility we had not thought of. Themistocles, an army commander, thought this meant boats. He ordered us to leave our homes and head for the hills. Themistocles sent a fake traitor to the Persian king to say our naval forces were cowering at Salamis. The Persians took the bait. Little did they know that the trap had been sprung. The Persians sailed into the strait with courage. When they rounded the corner of Salamis they found we were in a strait line. We turned our ships around and retreated. This was part of the plan. The Persians advanced with there huge battleships. Then we turned around and formed a line. Then when they relised the true nature of our plan they tried to turn but the strait was to narrow. We had lured them into the smallest part of the strait. They fell into confusion and we attacked. We surrounded them and burned them.

Many men and ships were needed to pull of this mighty trap. In the end though it worked. The Persians were defeated. One soldier at the battle watched as the mighty Persians fall. "Broken ship parts and fire was every were. We had won" said a an oarsman how came up after the battle ended. "The Persians may be mighty in force, but we Athenians have always been more cleaver." Says a ship commander.

Victory is ours!

We had a huge army lead by Pausanias, a spartan general. This happened at the same time we burned the enemy ships at Salamis. We beat the Persians at Plataea and marked the end of this horrid war. "Every were we were battering Persians. we pushed them back until the called a retreat" says a brave soldier who survived the battle.