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Digital Footprint

Have The Best Digital Footprint

Digital Footprints are trails left behind by one's activity in a digital status. Many adults and teens have them but do they really understand the importance? Every day of our lives, without realizing, we paint a portrait of who were are through social media. While some of us are aware of that others are not. Many people are uneducated of the importance of a digital foot print. Creating a positive image of yourself on social media is a great way to earn educational or job opportunities that can really change your life. A digital footprint is a great way for employers to learn basic information, use it for background checks and learn about your personality. Investing your time in creating a positive digital footprint is a great way to start!

Don't Have A Daily Agenda Or Any Experience To List?

Start by becoming involved in your community and become active! It's a simple and beneficial task.

Some Useful Social Media Apps

What Does My Digital Foot Consist Of?

For my digital footprint I use LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat on a daily basis.

LinkedIn: I focus mainly on detail about my life such as my experiences, interest, and hobbies. My account primarily focuses on a professional image of myself for a career.

Twitter: I use twitter to post about Leyden High School and what it's like to be a student here. I use it to promote the positive and all the opportunities that are provided here for you as a student. I like to tweet about events and how i am involved in events/clubs.

Snapchat: I use Snapchat for a personal agenda. I use this app to share videos and pictures with my family and friends. Especially if I am going on a vacation or a special event, I like people to know my life consist of adventures and journeys. I also receive photos and videos from friends and family. This allows me to keep in contact with them through live videos and picture rather than just a boring text message.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my digital footprint?

Delete any negative, unprofessional, or explicit content from your social media pages. This can help ensure that you are safe from any negative feedback.

How can I start a digital footprint?

Easy! Just sign up for any social media as the ones I've listed above or any other social media websites that provide you to create a profile.

Impact On Your Future

You're Digital Footprint can help you earn a position in a job you have applied for. Since technology is becoming a big part of our lives every job you apply for will search up your background. If your footprint consist of a positive profile it'll represent how good of a worker you are.

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