Executive Personality

Zoë Hancock

What is an Executive Personality?

An Executive Personality is an ESTJ. This means you are extroverted, hard-working, and honest. Typically people with this personality discourage laziness, dishonesty, and incompetence. They are known to keep their promises and stick to their principles. An individual with this personality has strengths such as being strong-willed, dedicated, direct, honest, and loyal. However, they are known to have weaknesses including being stubborn, too focused on social status, and having trouble relaxing.

When I compared my life to the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, I found several examples as to how I am classified as having an ESTJ personality. For example, an individual with the personality is known to be strong-willed, dedicated, and hard-working. I see these traits the most when I am on the volleyball court. I strive to play my best in every game and when I am not playing to the best of my ability I work harder. I am always dedicated to play my best because I don't want to let my team and myself down.