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My genius hour projected included research and investigation on competitive athletes, whether it be competing for the school, or a separate club, and what resources they have to online education and how technology can help them become better students and learners, despite their have other time commitments.


Again, I made extensive research on student-athletes, which turned into students with any sort of extra curricular activity, on how technology is being used to help them when missing school due to an activity.


I did my research on the internet (obviously). I used Genuis Hour to gather an idea for my question of research. I used Twitter to extend my research to specific individuals with knowledge on my topic, and certain hashtags on student athletes and online education. HooteSuite was used to monitor my numerous Twitter feeds and Twitter Chats. Wonderopolis, Smore, and Youtube were also used to make projects. Google was used for the rest, which lead me to many websites, apps, and resources.


During my years of schooling, I was always known as the gymnast. In third grade, I started leaving school at lunch time, to get to practice by 1 p.m. By 6th grade, I started to travel all around the world to places like France, England, Japan, and more. As you may guess, my fellow classmates initially started off being envious of me being able to leave school early, but throughout the years, it turned into routine and my classmates did not know any different. I became the gymnast who could never hangout after school, who didn’t attend french class or electives in the afternoon, and eventually, the girl who never partied. I lucked out and had phenomenal teachers who were very supportive and easy to work with. They would always cater to my schedule and needs and make sure I knew what I was missing, and sent work home with me. Somen days I admitted that homeschooling sounded like a better option. Throughout my years of school, and until I finally graduated and moved onto college, of course technology had taken many turns, and it became more accessible and education friendly. If I could go back in time to my earlier years of education in the technology era we are in now, I feel as though practice wouldn’t have been the only thing I looked forward to in the afternoons, but learning as well. The only tool I had while going to school was to do online PE, and an online social science class because I had fallen behind, and which I never completed due to my time commitments to gymnastics.

What... else?

As far as programs go, I found a great website called K12 which is online schooling connected to certain schools in several countries. It claims to provide rich, challenging, and engaging content, delivered in state-of-the-art online learning with traditional materials, including textbooks, CDs, videos, and hands-on manipulative that complement interactive online learning. This rich mix of content allows us to deliver lessons in diverse ways that accommodate diverse learning styles. They had a separate section on catering to Athletes and Performers needs. K12 provides a flexible education that lets students balance their academics with the pursuit of their talents. There is a built in planning and progress tools allowing parents to build customized learning schedules structured around their child’s unique needs. Teachers are at the other end of screen, and they’re available for help when the student needs it. On top of everything, it seems to be tuition free, which is another draw towards doing online classes. Along with this website were apps that were used in classrooms all over, not just for students who were missing class.
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Overall, I found this research to be valuable to me and my passion, however I feel as though more research could be done, more interviewing would be helpful, and more programs for individuals/athletes like me could be created. That being said, I do feel as though K12 would have been a much suited option for me and my busy schedule, especially in the modern times like today, and the use of technology as high as it is.