when the battle happened

The battle of fredericksburg happened on December 11,1862. The Union began attacking mid-morning on December 13 1862. The confederates also attacked on December 13 1862.

two sides

The Union and the confederates were the two sides that fought in the war

Who was the generals

The generals that fought in the war was General Robert E. Lee's and he was the confederate Army. The general from the union side was Major General Ambrose Burnside.

The battle at fredericksburg casualties

The union had 12,700 men. and the confederate had 5,300 men on there side and the won the battle with fewer men

Who one the battle at fredericksburg

Early battle before the civil war stands as one of the greatest confederate victories led by General Robert E. Lee won the battle.

what was the battle over

Union wanted to occupy Fredericksburg.

what type of weapons did they use

Both troops from both sides used percussion caps rifle caps and firing minie balls

Terrain of Fredicksburg

The battle of Fredericksburg was located on a partly flooded plain on terraces to 6 to 15 meters.