Beach Erosion

By Mike Crew

What is the problem? What is the solution?

Beach Erosion is becoming a major issue for Ocean City and Assateague island. The sand on the beaches has been eroding and must be fixed. The beach is a big part of Ocean City with it bringing more and more tourist. it is essential that a solution is found so that the beaches may never be non-existing. A solution to this is that the U.S Army Corpse of Engineers created a beach replenishment and protection project. Working soldiers would come in and move sand from the ocean back onto the beach.

Beach Replenishment

The solution

The problem of beach erosion has been a problem for many years. In 1934 to 1935 jetties were built to help prevent sand from leaving. To prevent future erosion the U.S. Army Corpse of Engineers came in to take sand from the ocean back onto the beach and made man made dunes. The first phase of the replenishment project brought 1.7 million cubic meters of sand onto 13.4 kilometers of beach. Phase 2 was to make dunes to protect against hurricanes and the last phase was maintenance. The beaches should last for quite a while now thanks to the Army Corpse of Engineers. For further prevention i think placing more rocks at the edge of the beach would help greatly.

"The Need for Sand in Ocean City, Maryland" Packet