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September 3, 2015

A New Year Begins...

New this year is our FYI newsletter which will be sent out approximately every other Thursday by your Instructional Partner. Included will be updates from the Creative Collab PLC (Sherrie, Bonnie & Laura), our ED Tech Margie Brown, Sunshine Committee, IP info as well as (almost) anything you would like to contribute. Please feel free to send Laura any information you would like to share such as academic insights, social events, items wanted or for sale, etc...

Five Ways to Create a Digital Reading Workshop

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Sneak peaks...check out these books:

Illustrator to Visit Forest Trail Tuesday, September 15

Robin Preiss Glasser is the illustrator of the Fancy Nancy series and the Nancy Clancy chapter books. Click on the Google link below to access the order form for personalized signed books.
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We celebrate all of our September birthdays...

Beatles Weekly

Beatles-Birthday Song by Beatles Weekly

10 Things You Didn't Know About Mike Buthe!!!

Every issue, Us Weekly runs a feature called "25 Things You Don't Know About Me," in which a celebrity writes up 25 interesting facts about themselves to share with readers (Laura's guilty pleasure). This year at Forest Trail, our celebrities share some wonderful tidbits about themselves. Be thinking what you would include!!! You never know when you may be asked.

Heeeeeere's Mike!

10. I took 10 years of piano lessons from 7 years old till 17.

9. I can speak enough Spanish to get by and some French.

8. In 1998, I traveled to Europe on my own for 3 weeks, visiting Italy, Switzerland, Paris, and London.

7. I used to run the cameras for a morning news broadcast in Illinois and had to get up around 3:30 a.m. each time I worked that shift. I also was the director for a small movie review segment on a local station.

6. In middle school, I had the chicken pox and stayed home for over a week, watching “Star Wars” each day.

5. One of my favorite TV shows is “The Amazing Race” and I applied twice to compete on it.

4. I really enjoy reading the novel series “Forgotten Realms”, similar to Dungeons and Dragons.

3. One year for Christmas, I wrote on my list that I wanted a book with every law in it so I could learn to be a lawyer. I also asked for a book with every disease in it so I could become a doctor.

2. Although I really enjoy the standard comic book heroes, I also enjoy a lot of the “independent” lines that do not have any superheroes.

1. I competed in a Rubik’s Cube competition as a kid. I got past the first round, but not the second. They gave me a t-shirt.

This and That From Our Staff...

From Dorothy Carter:
Support Westlake High School's Project Graduation and take your chance at winning some terrific prizes! Let Dorothy Carter know if you are interested in tickets. Tickets can also be purchased on the website at www.westlakepg.com

Grand prize: $5,000 Visa gift card
Second prize: $1,000 gift certificate to Anna Gray to be used on customized piece by Heather B. Moore
Third prize: Round of Golf for 4 on Crenshaw Cliffside at Barton Creek

Tickets are 1 for $25 and 5 for $100. Only 2,000 tickets will be sold.

Thanks for your support!

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From Leann Brookshire

Next week a basket of discounted Mary Kay items will be on sale. Take a look in the lounge and you may score some marvelous finds!
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