Mrs. McGoldrick's Grade 8 ELA

week of 12/14

Daily Activities

Monday, 12/14: Historical Fiction research paper due! Code Orange Poetry activity (graded in-class assignment)

Tuesday, 12/15: Journal article review/ persuasive letter (open letter concept)- (graded in-class assignment)

Wednesday, 12/16: Research holiday of student's choosing (may be any holiday)- (graded in-class assignment)

Thursday, 12/17: Remediation day/in-school basketball game (bring $, snacks available for purchase)

Friday, 12/18: Two hour day!

Outside Reading Project Nov/Dec

Due Monday, 12/14 : Nov/Dec outside reading project, Historical Fiction Research Paper

  • Read historical fiction novel
  • identify 3 details in the book that are historic (places, people, events that actual existed or have happened)
  • find a nonfiction article about each of the 3 details to prove the details truly existed or happened
  • write a 5 paragraph essay (will be introduced in class) proving the book is a historical fiction by supporting the details in the book with facts from nonfiction articles
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I wish you all a joyous and relaxing break! I hope the kids all have a bit of relaxation time and come back ready to tackle the last portion of their middle school years. Enjoy the break! See you in 2016!