Robert Boyle

By: Ran Trakhtengerts and Ryan Kinder


Robert Boyle was a physisist, chemist, inventor, and a natural philosopher. He is regarded today as the first modern chemist and founder of modern chemistry. He was a pioneer in the modern experimental scientific method.



Robert Boyle was born on 27 January 1627 in County Waterford in the south-east of Ireland. He began to publish documents in 1659 on subjects such as philosophy, medicine and religion. In 1660, with 11 others, Boyle formed the Royal Society in London which was a society who witnessed experiments and discussed scientific topics.


  1. Robert Boyle was the first well-known scientist to do controlled experiments and publish his findings with details about his procedure, equipment and observations.
  2. He is most famous for Boyle's Law.
  3. He created the modern definition of an 'element', and introduced the litmus test to tell acids from bases, and many other standard chemical tests.


He is considered the "Father of Modern Chemistry" and created Boyle's Law. He did many experiments with air. He also was responsible for the scientific method that we use today.