Dual Filter System w/ Faucet

Installation Kit Included

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If you live in a large household and need to filter large amounts of water for cooking and drinking, an undersink filter system provides a less costly alternative to reverse osmosis filtration, both in terms of water waste and financial expense. Installation does require some changes to your household plumbing, but in many cases, the filters last longer and may be more efficient at filtering out contaminants than water filter pitchers, countertop water filters or refrigerator water filters. Filters also come with a separate water dispenser. Once installed, changing the filter(s) is as easy as removing the canister and inserting the replacement cartridge. Moreover, since these filters are hidden underneath the kitchen sink, they will not take up space inside your refrigerator or on your countertop.

  • Twin cartridge filtration system.
  • A 5-micron sediment cartridge is followed by a carbon block cartridge.
  • Can be installed under a sink or on a wall or just simply set on a floor.
  • Fittings are included and installed.
  • Includes 6 feet of 1/4" tubing and saddle type clamp-on shut off valve.
  • Includes a standard chrome long reach faucet.

  • Note: Filter housings color may vary.