Food Safety

Food safety is very important. Do you care about it?

Food Danger Needs to be a Zero

"Until we get the number of food-borne illnesses down to zero, and the number of hospitalizations down to zero, and the number of deaths down to zero, we still have work to do"

Future Diets

"Where is the best place in the world to eat? It all depends, as new calculations from Oxfam show, on what you mean by 'good'. Food in the United States is cheap, abundant, varied and tasty, but it might not be all that good for you--too much fat and sugar have led to 36 percent of Americans being diabetic and 46 percent obese. Japan's food, by contrast, is much healthier, but it's extremely expensive and not as varied."

The Bacteria

"Raw meat may contain bacteria, such as E. Coli,Salmonella, and Listeria, or Parasites. Thorough cooking destroys these harmful organisms, but meat can become contaminated again if it is not handled and stored properly."


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