ICT Bulletin #18

Monday 10th February 2014

This week


As you know it's E-Safety week. Monday's assembly will focus on the Safer Internet Day theme of 'Let's create a better internet together'. I have included a list of links below and if you get the chance to revisit the topic during the week it would be appreciated. Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday.

Parent Workshop, JSD Studio - Tuesday

On Tuesday from 8.50-10.00 I'll be working with parents to reinforce the e-safety message and to encourage them to discuss e-safety issues with their children. Mel - it does mean that I'll be late to your lesson.

Safer Internet Day (SID) TV - Tuesday

From 14.00-14.30 on Tuesday there is a special half hour program for FS-KS1 on the SID TV website. The KS2 program runs from 14.30-15.00. Please have a look If you get the chance!

Digital Literacy / PSHE lessons

Thank you for letting me know what activity you'll be doing this week. If you produce any work from the lesson that is suitable for display please pass it to me.

ICT/LTM this week

This week I'll be editing videos for Year 1 and 2 during their ICT slots for their end of topic days, completing the newsletter and finishing off the current ICT units with KS2. The LTMS are also provisionally booked to meet the JS HTs on Wednesday to discuss the next steps for IT provision in the classroom, otherwise I'll be based at JSD.

Have a great week!


ICT units

The current ICT units have been extremely successful this half term. The work that the children have produced is fantastic and I would like to thank the class teachers for their extra efforts during these sessions, especially as we get use to the new Switched on ICT topics and planning formats.

INSET day - Monday 24th February

Just a reminder that the INSET day on Monday 25th February will be based on ICT. The day will be split up into three themes:

  • Using ICT to launch a new topic/key concept
  • Current trends in ICT education
  • Embedding and planning ICT throughout the curriculum

I want to make sure that specialist, EAL and SEN staff get as much from this INSET as possible therefore everything covered during the day will (hopefully!!) be useful for you too!

Finally, can part-time members of staff let me know if they are not attending the INSET day, so I have an idea of numbers for the activities.