SJS Newsletter Term 3 Week 2

Newsletter 3 August 2022

Our Vision: To grow Catholic, Christian young people,

who are confident, connected lifelong learners, inspired by the teachings of Jesus,

and who make a positive difference in their community.

3 August 2022

Tēnā tātou

Dear Family/Whānau

It is lovely to be back at school for term 3. I really enjoy seeing our tamariki's smiling faces as they run into school in the mornings. Thank you to all the staff here at St James’ who make our Kura a safe and happy place to learn.

It was pleasing to see so many parents taking the opportunity to come to parent interviews last week. A big ‘thank you’ to all the teachers for the preparation and time they put into these interviews. Please feel free to catch up with your child’s teacher other times as well. A little bit of notice is appreciated and that way the teacher can give you their full attention.

Mid Year Parent / Teacher Interviews - Learning Space 2 and 6 - These will be held on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 August. Please see below for booking information.

Our Vision States: Best learning happens when strong, respectful partnerships are formed and nurtured within our community. Open communication and ongoing conversations allow family/whānau to contribute to and celebrate their children’s learning in a way that is positive and supportive.

The Feast of St James the Greater and Grandparents Day - We enjoyed this liturgy with so many of our school family/whānau and it was wonderful to see the coming together of generations.

Tumuaki/Principal Appointment - please read down to the School Board section of this newsletter. The Board is gathering Student, Whanāu and community voice. This consultation process will end Sunday 14 August 2022.

Uniform Policy Review - Just a reminder that the School Board have put out a Uniform Policy Review document which was distributed at the end of term 2. I encourage you all to take the opportunity to ready this and provide feedback for the School Board by this Friday 5 August 2022.

Carpark - Just a reminder in the interests of keeping our school community safe, our car park is closed between 8.30 am-9.00am and 2.30pm-3.00pm. There is a barrier at both entrances to the carpark. Please ensure you do not park in the Tui Daycare Centre car parks or block the driveway. Exit from our carpark can only be made via the main car park exit, not via the Tui Daycare Centre driveway. Please do not reverse out of the carpark.

Property Update - the weather didn’t cooperate during the term break, however we hope to see a break in this shortly and the roofers will get back on the job. We are having some roofing work carried out which includes maintenance repairs and some areas reroofed along with replacement clearlite on some buildings. This completes the remainder of the EMPM funding which we received in 2021.

Our Road Patrollers have this week received bright new vests. I wish to acknowledge NZ Police and AA who have a long-standing commitment to road safety especially important helping keep our tamariki and community safe around schools.

Thank you for your support on mask wearing. We have started the term with a full compliment of staff, some of whom are still recovering from illness during the term break. We still do have some families isolating which is a clear indicator that Covid is still very much in our communities.

E te Atua e manaaki ki a koutou katoa

May God Bless you all

Christine Cosgrove

Catholic Special Character

From our Parish Office

Link to Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Website

Link to the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit mass times

Latest Kotahi Ano Parish Newsletter

The Feast of St James the Greater and Grandparents Day - Thank you to all our school community that supported our celebration and learning for our Feast Day and Grandparents Day. It was a wonderful time to get together as a community and we loved seeing you all.

Term 3 - Wonderfully Made in God’s Image (sexuality) teaching and learning.

This term our overarching school-wide theme is Change.

We will continue to teach our Wonderfully Made in God’s Image during our RE, PB4L and Health/PE time as it fits.

This term the teaching and learning that our year 0-5’s will be doing is around the following:

  • Recognising that a baby has particular needs as a growing human being.

  • Having an awareness of personal health, safety and hygiene.

  • Having an awareness of and being able to recognise that we all have a wide range of emotions, and that we learn to live and deal with these over time.

This term the teaching and learning that our year 6’s will be doing is around the following:

  • Respectfully identifying other people’s personal space and respecting the ways in which we are all different.

  • Understanding that they grow and change throughout life.

  • Growing in their understanding and acceptance of emotions in themselves and others.

  • Growing in their formation of conscience and knowing that there are good and bad choices.

If you have any questions around this essential area of learning, please feel free to contact me, Andrea Cawood or Christine Cosgrove

Welcome to the Cathedral - Meg de Joux our new Pastoral Assistant - We join the Cathedral Parish welcomes Meg to this new role working with Donna Brown and the rest of the Team. Meg’s role is based primarily at the Cathedral, and she will be involved in pastoral and sacramental outreach. Meg has a strong background in parish participation and volunteers with the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Celebrations - Celebrating Success

Welcome - We extend a warm welcome to Lyn, Alice, Aiden, Magnus, Evelyn, Anne and Emma who have started their faith and learning journey at Te Kura Katorika o Hato Heemi. We also extend a warm welcome to their family and whānau.

We welcome Shawn to our staff. Shawn has been appointed as a Learning Assistant (Bilingual Support). We were very blessed to receive this toanga/gift from the Ministry of Education. This is a 1 year fix term position to support our Malayalam learners with speaking English.

Hato Heemi SAINTS Postcards - Congratulations to the following learners who received a Hato Heemi SAINTS Postcard at the end of Term 2.

Strive - Zavier M, Jasper W, Amos A, James B, Adeline G, Henry H, Jahziel E, Liya L, Min K, Naomi L, Lionell P, Lucy CJ, Reyon YK, Sophie A, Austin CA, Tammy C, Aiden K, Eli G, Leira V, Kaye Jean M, Grady W, Lachie C, Jack Y and Olive J.

Acceptance - Amos A and Isabel A.

Integrity - Danny R, Jahziel E, Liya L, Noah P, Min K, Naomi L Reyon YK, Kaye Jean M, Jackson B, Lewis C and Isla-Rose S.
Nurture - Isabel A, Pietro E, William G, Henry H, Noah P, Lucy CJ, Austin CA, Tammy C, Liam R and Haru J.

Talents - Zavier M, Daphne Z, Jasper W, Sophie A, Tammy C and Olive J.

Service - Adeline G and Gabriel K.


Mid Year Parent / Teacher Interviews - Learning Space 2 and 6 - On Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 August you will have the opportunity to meet with your child's teacher for 10 minutes to talk about their progress. Bookings are available between 3.15 pm - 5.25 pm.

Bookings are NOW OPEN.

Log onto:

CODE if required: wma3q

If you require assistance please phone the School Office. Tracey will be happy to book an appointment for you.

Scholastic Lucky Book Club - Issue 5 this has now gone home in school bags. Some great deals in this Issue along with an awesome giveaway… Check out the back cover of your Issue for more details on this! School Orders close 12 August, 2022.

2022 St James' Scholastic Book Fair - We have a date!! We are booked in and are set to celebrate a wonderful week of our annual Scholastic Book Fair from Thursday 8th September through to Wednesday 14th September. With only 21 weeks left until Christmas what a fabulous way to start that Christmas Shopping!! Keep a lookout for more details to come.

Public Health - Whānau can now receive free treatment for bacterial conjunctivitis from a participating community pharmacy for their children aged 2-13 years. Whānau can just pop into their pharmacy at a time that suits them – no appointments are needed for this service.

Winter Wellness Guidance - The Ministry of Health has put a range of information together to support schools manage the impacts of winter illnesses and COVID-19.

Thank you - the PTFA have recently purchased scooter and bike racks which have been installed around the school. We thank the community for supporting PTFA fundraising initiatives that make purchasing these items possible. These will be wonderful assets around our school.

Big picture
Big picture


St James' Uniform Review - The School Board at the end of Term 2 circulated the St James' Uniform Review. I encourage you all to read through this review document and provide feedback by this Friday 5 August 2022.

Toys and Sports Equipment - Just a reminder that bringing toys and sports equipment to school is discouraged and staff take no responsibility for their loss or damage. There is a variety of sports equipment offered to learners on the sports trolley during each break.

Change of uniform - during these winter months please ensure your child has a change of uniform or PE uniform in their bag as we have limited spare uniform and in this inclement weather learners there have been a few slips and trips where a change of uniform is required.

Whānau Wellbeing Kete Activities - Great to see some completed activity entries in the prize kete - keep them coming!

The prize draw will be held at our upcoming Whānau Wellbeing Hui - Wednesday September 29 (Week 10).

Below are some photos from Team Daphne and Mac and Team Toby undertaking the whānau challenges!

Please share your photos with me and you may feature in the next Newsletter!

Ngā mihi, Amy

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St James' School PTFA - Parent and Teachers and Friends Association

The next PTFA (Parent, Teacher and Friends Association) meeting will be held in the staffroom on Wednesday 17 August 2022 at 6.30-8.00 pm. Do you wish to get involved and assist with fundraising initiates? Together we make a difference and we invite you to come along to this meeting with ideas, new families welcome. It would be great to see some families from each learning space.

Pastoral Care Baking - We are continuing to support our school community when required through this pandemic by way of pastoral care, this may be meal or baking. If this sounds like something you might be interested in supporting please contact

The Egg Project - these are the most Eggceptional locally produced Free Range and Certified Organic Eggs. If you want to get involved with this fundraiser while enjoying magnificent eggs please contact the school office. Eggs are to be ordered by end of day Monday and are delivered to the school office ready for you to collect at afterschool pickups on Thursdays. Thank you to our community for the support given to this initiative. If you haven't tried them they truly are eggceptional.

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St James' Catholic School Board Update

The next BOT meeting will be held in the staffroom on Monday 22 August 2022 at 6.00 pm. All welcome.

Tumuaki/Principal Appointment: The appointment of a new Tumuaki/Principal is a very important process for our Board to undertake. The Tumuaki/Principal is the education and faith leader of the school. Attracting high quality applicants who can lead the school forward is what the advertising process is designed to do.

As an integral part of the appointment process the board is very interested in gaining the voice of the staff, learners and the wider school community regarding the possible personal and professional characteristics they would like our new Tumuaki/Principal to have.

Tumuaki/Principal Student/Whānau and Community Voice LINK

This consultative process will end Sunday 14 August 2022.

Michael Fennessy

Board Chairperson

Policies for Community Consultation

The Uniform Policy is currently up for review. I encourage you all to read through the St James' Uniform review document distributed at the end of term 2 and provide feedback by this Friday 5 August 2022.

Michael Fennessy

Chairperson (

Dates for Your Diary

Please keep checking the Events Calendar on the school website or school App as we are updating this should events be cancelled/postponed. All coming events will continue to be updated here. Add to my Calendar.

2022 Term Dates & Holidays. Please add these to your diary, in particular the Staff Only Days.


Week 2

Friday 5 August - School Board Uniform Review closes.

Week 3

SLANZA School Library Week

Thursday 11 August - St Peter's Open Night

Friday 12 August - Mathex Competition

Friday 12 August - Scholastic Lucky Book Club - Issue 5 Close

Sunday 14 August - Feast of the Assumption

Sunday 14 August - Tumuaki/Principal Appointment Voice consultation period ends

Week 4

Monday 15 August - Feast of the Assumption Liturgy 1.30pm Hall

Tuesday 16 August - Learning Space 2 and 6 Mid Year Teacher Interviews
Wednesday 17 August - Learning Space 2 and 6 Mid Year Teacher Interviews

Wednesday 17 August - Catholic Schools Sports Tournament (Rippa and Netball) Yr5 and 6 at St Mary's School

Wednesday 17 August - PTFA Meeting, 6.30pm in the Staffroom

Friday 18 August - PTFA Lunch

Week 5

Monday 22 August - School Board Meeting 6pm Staffroom

Friday 26 August - Assembly

Saturday 27 August - Jump Jam

Week 6

Week 7

Social Justice and Conversation Week

Monday 5 September - Staff Only Day

Thursday 8-13 September - Book Fair

Friday 16 September - PTFA Lunch

Staff Only Day - Monday 5 September 2022

SAVE THE DATE: Whānau Wellbeing Hui Wednesday 28 September 3-5pm

Getting Involved

Whānau Wellbeing Kete - We would love to see photos of you and your whānau using the resources from the wellbeing kete and doing some of the activities together.

Please send photos of activities to Amy Cousins

Yummy Apple stickers - Please continue to collect these throughout the year. Collection sheets are also available from the school office.

Cut out Label Collection Sheet
New Variety Sticker Collection
Sticker Collection Sheet

Big picture

Kidney Kids - One small way we can make life easier for others which costs us nothing, is to collect stamps, can tabs, and wine bottle tops!

You will find collection boxes for these in the School Office foyer. If, as a family you don't already set these items aside for Kidney Kids at Starship and the Missions, you may like to start, as a very visible witness to demonstrating Jesus' example of LOVE. Encourage neighbours and family to do the same. There is no deadline.

School App Advertising - If you are interested in advertising on our School App please make an enquiry to

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