Language Class

The Things I've Learned This Semester


Grammar has taught me about subjects and predicates and kinds of sentences like declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative. It has taught me about simple and compound sentences and sentence fragments. I have learned about common, proper, concrete, abstract, collect, singular, and plural nouns.


During writing this semester I have learned to write narrative and thesis essays. I have learned you always need an introductory and conclusion paragraph. I have also learned I need to use details and not write run-on sentences.

Daily Language Review

DLR reminds me how to use the things we learn in grammar like punctuation, commas, quotes, spelling, word forms and different kinds of sentences. It is a review of all the things we have learned in grammar classes this year and other years.


Flocab has taught me the meaning of new words. It shows us different ways to help learn the definitions. It has taught me words I have never heard of before.