Reliable Reef

Emily Veatch


Coral polyp:a mini animal that builds up to be a big structure called a coral reef.

Sentence: Coral reefs are made out of small coral polyps.

Current: a river of water that flows into an ocean.

Sentence: You can't see currents, but you could feel them.

Predator:a hungry animal that hunts and eats other animals.

Sentence: The predator searched for some food.


I learned that coral reefs are very dependable creatures for 25% of all marine species. One reason why they are dependable is because they provide shelter and a place to hide from enemies. This will help animals so they will not be eaten. They also provide food for hungry animals. This is mainly what I learned about coral reefs.


One connection that I found when researching is that a coral reef gets depended on a lot because they provide shelter and food for lots of underwater animals. This connects to my family because I depend on my family for lots of things, too. I depend on my family for love, helpfulness, and tons of other things.This is why coral reefs connect to my family.