Civil Rights Updates


Discrimination and the thoughts behind it

In the 1800's discrimination was a big deal, for instance, the blacks would be treated poorly as the whites were treated with high end things. the whites also tended to have better schools in nice buildings, but the blacks would just learn in a shack and would not have all the learning resources the whites had.

Segregation in the 1800's

Segregation was also a big impact on many states in the 1800's. Many people tried to stop it such as James hood Who was the first african american to go to a university. Everywhere you would look segregation was there and it definitely was a big deal in the 1800's.

The end of Slavery

the civil war was on the idea of slavery,as well as trade,tariffs,and states rights. Many people such as Harriet Tubman helped to end slavery by using the underground railroad to get to free states. Eventually after many years, slavery was put to an end in 1865
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