Married The Wrong Person

By: Noah H. Dec 5, 2015

The beginning

Married the person you fell madly in love with, then a few months even a year has went by since the wedding. The difference between people and time, is that time stays the same as the people start to change. So as time goes by your lover starts getting comfortable and taking the advantage of your well being.

realizing it.

When she starts doing that then that's when things end up going south as in a bad way. The arguments start to happen, the yelling, the separation, you stop to wonder did you marry the right person? The answer to you question is another question. That's the one of the cons of falling in love, thinking everything will be okay and perfect, but in reality it isn't. The point of falling for someone is to like them and want to be with them in the long run and be happy with each other, but there will be a point in time where it will end. Then after all the happiness ends, sadness will kick in and you'll start to tell yourself "it's all my fault." But when it really wasn't because the universe or faith chose that to happen.

the conclusion

The conclusion of all this is really we won't marry the wrong person if you think about it we really had no chance in this part of it yes but not all of it, we live in a world were we are able to choose our own decisions but for a reason. But when it comes to love, marriage, or any relations with another person, our decisions become clouded with judgement and questions on why we love or like this person. So really when you think about it we never did really marry the wrong person. Unless he or she does drugs or is very abusive then yeah you messed up there buddy I have no idea what you were thinking there.