KP Class News



Our students are off to a great start in the cafeteria!

We will continue to have snack every morning around 10 am. Please make sure that your child knows what to eat for snack and what to eat for lunch. Some of the kids have been getting a little bit confused and they are trying to eat their lunches during snack time. We have been helping them choose one or two things to eat for snack.

If your child chooses to buy lunch, please continue to work on memorizing pin numbers.

Thank you!

Reader's Workshop

We are already readers in kindergarten! We have officially started our Reader's Workshop and the students are learning to "hunt for words" wherever they go. We went on a word hunt in our school and they noticed so many signs, labels and charts all over. Please encourage your child to look around for environmental print when they are at home or even in the car.

We will also be learning to distinguish between fiction and nonfiction during this unit. Your child will have an assigned reading buddy and we will begin both independent and partner reading later this week. We are off to a great start in reading-please encourage your child to show you what we are working on at home!

Writer's Workshop

While we learn about nonfiction books, we will also be writing nonfiction. We are beginning our writing unit with things that we know about. Writing might only be a picture and an attempt at labeling at this point, but the most important thing is that the children understand that they are writers!


Math homework will begin coming home on Monday when full day starts. Please write me a note or an email if your child is struggling with the homework so that I can work with them in class.

Important Dates to Remember

Picture Day-September 25th

Parent Teacher Conferences-October 6th and October 8th. Please contact me to sign up if you have not done so already.

Bring your parent to lunch day-October 1st at 11:00.

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or concerns.