Rockets and multi-staged rockets 火药

Stephen Payton and Aileen Alfaro

When were they invented and who invented them?

They were invented by ancient scientist around 1150 CE when a bamboo stick was attached to a cluster of fireworks. The scientist applied the counter force produced by ignited gunpowder.

Why were these rockets invented?

The ancient rockets developed by the Chinese were used for military campaigns and were also developed into fireworks, which were used for entertainment and celebrations. During the 12th century the rockets were improved which gave them a greater range. They were used during many wars throughout the Yuan and Qing dynasties. Many new types of rocket were developed, each with its own special use and purpose. The nine dragon arrow is one of the most famous, and the flock of bee arrow is actually much more similar to the modern rockets you see today.

How do these rockets work?

It is pretty simple to figure out how normal rockets work, but multistage rockets are a bit different. Multistage rockets were rigged so that the rear uses for the second stage of the rocket would ignite once the front stage had burnt out. Also, each part of a multi-staged rocked is filled with explosives,


Rocket technology first became known to Europeans following their use by the Mongols, Genghis Khan, and Ogedei Khan, when they conquered parts of Russia, Eastern, and Central Europe. The reason it took so long for these to reach Europe was because at the time they were invented, Europe did not have the technology to produce them if they arrived sooner. Many people give the Europeans credit for the invention of rockets because many improvements to them happened in Europe and not in China.

I think the Chinese use of their invention is great. The way they are able to use rockets for battle as well as fireworks for festivals and celebrations amazes me. I never thought that something so entertaining can be so dangerous.

Chinese Rockets