Westward Expansion

Book: The Misadventures of Maude March By: Audrey Couloumbis

Focus Question

What kind of obstacles did the pioneers face on the journey to their West?


Shelter was hard to find on the journey to the West. While traveling, the people would walk and the wagons would carry the food and all of the possessions owned by the pioneers. This relates to my book " The Misadventures of Maude March" when the two girls, Maude and Sallie, needed to run away to Independence and every night they struggled finding shelter for the night.
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Weather was a major obstacle to the pioneers on their journey to the west. The harsh winters trapped travelers from moving west and getting to their destinations. Also the harsh winters caused diseases and killed many people. This relates to my book when Maude and Sallie have a very difficult time traveling to Independence because of the cold temperatures that end up in snowfall.
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Food was also a major obstacle because it was easy to fun out of it. When on the journey to the West ,it is long and tiring and food gives you energy, which means you would run out fast. Some food that the pioneers may have ate are vegtables, bread and meat if it didn't go bad. If you had a rifle or some sort of gun then you could shoot animals and cook them for survival. This relates to my book when Maude and Sallie are on the run and they are running out of food fast and are now starting to panic, but they always have their rifle with them so they survived longer.


Animals were another big obstacle to the pioneers on the journey to the west. The animals put the pioneers in danger because the animals could attack them. Some of the animals that were an obstacle were mountain lions, bobcats and bears. This relates to my book by when Maude and Sallie are traveling to Independence and a mountain lion comes and attacks their mule and almost kills them. Another event that happened was they were walking, just minding their own business and a bear came out of no where and was running at them and Maude shot it and it fell to the ground and died.
Westward Expansion Intro- 5th grade