Timberview Family Newsletter

September 11, 2015

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Join Team Timberview for Run in the Dark!!

Timberview is a proud supporter of the Community Storehouse Run in the Dark event, which raises fund for our local children living at or below the poverty level.

As we have done for the past five years, the Timberview Family is forming a team, and we want YOU to join us!! We have won the Storehouse Cup for greatest participation among middle level schools (Shout out to our feeder elementary school Eagle Ridge, who blows everyone away with their participation every year!) every year our school has been open, and we want to keep that tradition alive! Most importantly, though, we want to come together as a community to support a cause that helps children and families right here in our neighborhood.

To register and join Team Timberview, please follow this link http://bit.ly/1LPwi85 or you can swing by our main office and complete a paper registration form.

Which of our TMS houses will have the greatest participation? Send us a pic of you/your family sporting the house colors, and we'll add points to your house!! Show your TMS pride and unite to support a great cause!!

This year our run is starting and finishing at the New Bluestem Park (at the northeast corner of I-35 and Heritage Trace Parkway). We will run through local neighborhoods, and the course is also planned to run through the street that runs right in front of Timberview. Please look over the 5K course (link: http://www.runinthedarkdfw.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Certified_5K.pdf)

For more information about how the Community Storhouse supports our community, please follow this link, http://www.runinthedarkdfw.com/.

High School Football Information

Our KISD Athletics Department has put together some informational flyers for high school football games. They include parking for KISD stadium, the guidelines for tailgating, and information for purchasing tickets. They are located in our eMonday folder at the following link http://bit.ly/1VeeDLM.

Update on Houses and House Shirts

At this point all of our students at TMS should have been sorted into houses. If for some reason your student does not have a house yet, there has been an error and we need to know. Please contact the student's grade level lead teacher as follows:
  • 5th Grade - Roy Sanchez
  • 6th Grade - Kathy Cundiff
  • 7th Grade - Laura Thomas
  • 8th Grade - Sheryl Schickedanz

We held our first House Colors day today, and we had quite a run on house shirts! We are down to a small selection of sizes and colors, so we will place another order next week to replenish the supply. We will let you know as soon as the new stock of shirts arrives!


These are highlights of upcoming events. For the full calendar, including all TMS sporting and fine arts events, please check out our web site calendar!

Sept 11 Band Fall Fundraiser

Sept 12 Hawk Cross Country Begins

Sept 17 Volleyball Season Begins

Sept 21 School Fundraiser begins

Sept 21 TMS Football Season begins

Sept 29 KISD Marching Expo

Oct 2 Pre-K through 8th Grade Early Release

Keller ISD Strings Academy

Keller ISD Strings Academy Returns for 2015-2016.

We are very proud to announce that the Keller ISD Strings Academy is back for its second year! Keller ISD will be providing strings instruction for students in grades 2-12 in the following classes: Young Violinists, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Orchestra.

Registration will be held on September 12, from 9:00 AM- 2:00 PM at the Keller ISD Administration Building. Please enter through the "Teacher Training" side of the building, on College St. Registration is come and go, and should take about 20 minutes.

All students wishing to participate in the Keller ISD Strings Academy must register at this time! If you are unable to register on September 12, a make-up registration day is scheduled for Monday, September 14, from 4:30-6:30 PM.

Registration fees, expenses, and more information is located on the Smore flyer located


Mrs. Jackson's Blog Has Moved!

Mrs. Jackson has moved her blog to a Wordpress site that will allow for much greater functionality. The new site will include photos, videos, and the ability for parents, family, students, staff, and anyone else who might be interested to comment and provide feedback. Please access the new blog, TMS Hawks Learn, below!

Join Timberview PTA

By becoming a member of TMS PTA, you can become an important part of helping to ensure plans become a reality. You may come to TMS PTA general meeting where you can vote and voice your ideas that can benefit your children and the school. For the first time, you may register for the PTA online, allowing anyone who would like to donate to the PTA by becoming a member, anywhere in the country, able to do so easily. Please follow the link here for more information.

The first General Assembly PTA meeting will be before the Mini School on September 3, from 5:30-5:45 PM.

The new PTA website is http://www.timberviewpta.org/

PTA has a Facebook page, so check them out for all they do for our students!

Kroger Donations to PTA

You may enroll online your Kroger Plus card at the websitewww.KrogerCommunityRewards.comand link Timberview Middle School PTA to have Kroger donate a percentage of sales to the Timberview PTA. No more flyer to bring to the cashier! TMS PTA Rewards number is 90463, or you may select our organization from the list and click on confirm once you register your card online. Thank you for supporting the TMS PTA!

Nurse's Notes


Students are not allowed to carry medications in their backpacks or on them throughout the school day. All medication requires a form to be completed and medication will be given in the nurse’s clinic. Students may carry an inhaler if the physician signs paperwork and approves the child capable of administering the medication. Again there are forms to be completed and turned into the nurse’s office. The forms can be found at the following link in the eMonday folder, http://bit.ly/1VQCtgS. Please call Nurse Danielson with any questions or concerns at 817-744-2620.

Visit the KISD website and click on Our Schools, on the left hand side click Need to Know and then click Health Services or follow this link:


There is a new folder within the eMonday folder that has nurse flyers and information that she would like passed along to parents. The link is, http://bit.ly/1BmFvxx, and will be updated as new information is obtained.

School Trash Dumpsters

Please do not put household trash into the school's dumpsters. Placing personal items in a public dumpster is prohibited. Please consider that we have large dumpsters at our building because 1200 students and 100 staff create significant recycling and/or waste that necessitates their use. When others add their personal items, the dumpsters become too full for the school to use.

We appreciate your consideration.

Traffic Loop Procedures: Reminders and Video

We are only one week into the school year, and already our traffic loop efficiency is improving as our new families learn the ropes and our returning families recall procedures. Remember that it does take time to allow some 1200 students to exit the building at the same time and get safely where they need to go. Be patient and know things will get smoother as the year progresses!

A few reminders for those picking up students:

  • Pick up students from our building only, not from a neighboring building, the surrounding curbs and lawns, or down in the neigborhood.
  • Please drive slowly on campus property, neighboring property, and in the immediate neighborhood.
  • Stop for students in the crosswalks, and watch out for students who may forget to use the crosswalk.
  • Follow the directions of school staff. We make rules only for student safety.
  • Student safety ALWAYS comes before adult convenience.

A few reminders for students:

  • Wait on the porch of the school for car rides. Board cars only when they arrive at the porch where there is supervision.
  • Do not board cars any farther than three cars back in any line around our school.
  • Never cross traffic--whether it's moving or not--to get to your ride
  • Walkers take the sidewalks all the way around the parking lot. Do not ever cross through the parking lot.
  • Always use crosswalks to cross the streets in the neighborhood. Cars are required by law to stop for you at crosswalks, but you must watch and make sure they do stop.
  • Never cross from between cars or behind a car.

There is a video below from Mrs. Jackson about how our Traffic Flow works.

Timberview Traffic Flow Explanation